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Feature Request: Add ability to solo non-GM presets in online mixer

As pertaining my bug report (, the online player's mixer is unable to properly solo non-GM percussion presets found in Musescore's default soundfont.  The player's solo function is limited to the GM (General Midi) presets associated with channel 10 (e.g., Standard Kit). Please consider improving the mixer so that it handle all of default percussion-related presets (e.g., Marching Tenor Drum) in Musescore's default soundfont. Being limited to the Standard or Orchestral Kit, for example, is fairly restrictive.

Back button issue (bug), inconsistent, only top part of screen shown

After using the in app back button I see only the top part of the screen of "Songbook".
I have this issue on my S2 TAB in portrait mode. Once I turn my screen to landscape and back again, I have full screen again.

If I use the TAB back button, I am thrown back to "Your collections" after it flashes past the "Songbook" screen. In this case I have full screen.

If I start in landscape mode, the action of in app and TAB back button remains different, however in app now maintains full screen.

(Unfortunately I first posted at the wrong forum]

Please block this score and stop the plagerizing; remove the musescore file download 
I think we shouldnt have the ability to download the musescore file for a score. It makes it too easy for people to steal something of someones. This person literally just re-posted my arrangement without changing anything. If someone wants to edit a score from someone else they should then ask that person to send them a download link, they should not have the ability to simply download the file. Please remove that feature.

Bug: display issues with lyrics font on website (but not in the desktop application)

I just uploaded my score SATB score Kyrie (
) and some letters are not displayed correctly.

See measure 41, Soprano part (top stave)  

(left is website, right is in the desktop application)
In the web interface the text appears to read "eleisor" but it really is "eleison" ("n" displayed as if it's an "r")

There are more instances, this is just an example

Copyright issues

Hey everyone,
I don't know if this is just me, but all of my arrangements of anything Star Wars related has just been removed due to copyright infringements, despite me never having claimed credit for anything other than just enjoying the music and wanting to share my versions with others. Has this happened to anyone else? 

Thinking of making a separate account for symphonies

So, I have been planning out my first symphony. I gave it the nickname "The War Symphony". It still isn't flushed out yet but I have decided to have it be a programmatic symphony with this movement structure:

First Movement:

Key: Bb major
Aspect: Battle
Form: Sonata Form

Second Movement:

Key: F minor
Aspect: Death
Form: Not decided on yet but I'm leaning towards ternary form

Third Movement:

Key: Not decided on
Aspect: Battle again
Form: Scherzo and Trio


Key: Bb major
Aspect: Victory
Form: Sonata-Rondo Form

The first movement is what I have flushed out the most out of all the movements so far in my plans so obviously, that will be the part I work on first. But I'm wondering, since I can't really afford a Pro membership(maybe a few years down the line I will be able to afford it but I can't currently), should I make a separate account to put my symphony score on once it is finished? And if so, should that account be just for my symphonies if I happen to want to compose more than 1 symphony?

Add “My Scores” to Top Level Menus

Love the app and the website! But....

Anyone else find it frustrating that “My Scores” requires 2+ clicks to get to on can we add the “My Scores” to a top level menu... like next to “Upload”?

More importantly, please add “My Scores” to the bottom “Home” bar of the MuseScore app? Right now there are 4 buttons
- Browse
-Library > My Scores
- Feed (See separate error issue... notifications appear as “undefined”)

IMHO, browse is redundant as the 🔎 is already on the top right hand of other menus

Heads-up: This group was featured!

Hi, everyone! Just so you know, Competitions, Collaboration, and Creations was recently featured in the Group of Group's list for competition groups! If you  want to talk about your experience as a member of this group, or give  more info to those considering joining, head on over the Group of  Groups.(

We look forward to seeing you!

The Timeline Part 1

To start off with the timeline of this trilogy, we have to look at the origin of the Magicians. This is a group of wizards and magical beings who created many magical artifacts, mainly the Magic Sword, the Magic Shield, and the Book of Magic. The group is organized about 20-30 years before the tragedy of Princess Zelda I.

Princess Zelda I and her brother Prince Gabriel are tasked by their dying father to stop the coming calamity. They find the sages but they struggle with finding the next hero. It was then that Gabriel finds out about how his father hid the Triforce of Courage from everyone, and Gabriel saw this as an insult because the Hero would bear the mark of the Triforce when the time was right, and he would need to retrieve it. Gabriel thought his father thought he wasn't doing a good job when really the King was doing was helping identify the hero.

The prince grew angry and interrogated anyone on the whereabouts of the Triforce of Courage. At this time, a wizard who sought to serve the next reincarnation of Demise wanted to know the whereabouts of the Triforce of Courage. When Gabriel came to interrogate his sister Zelda, she gave him after much torment and told him of the location, the Great Palace in Calatia. Then the wizard revealed himself and cast a sleeping spell on Zelda. When this happened, Gabriel fought the wizard and the wizard killed himself so that Zelda couldn't be awoken.

Gabriel mourned and locked his sister in the North Tower that could only be unlocked by the Hero. The Magicians then split up and almost died out after the Tragedy. The princesses after Gabriel were named Zelda as a remembrance of the Tragedy.

Soon, the tragedy was forgotten and was only told within the Royal Family.

Hundreds of years later, a new Gerudo King was born and was named Ganondorf and had the same desire for the Golden Power like the previous form of Demise. The goddesses new that Demise was back for the Triforce once more, so a young boy was born in the Ordona Province south of Hyrule.
The time soon came where the Gerudo king came to castle town and met the king and young 13-year-old princess, Zelda XIII. Zelda saw evil and desire for the two Triforce pieces that resided at the castle under special protection. The young princess came up with a plan to shatter the Triforce of Wisdom into 8 different pieces and scatter them into the underground labyrinths in the Death Mountain region. She also planned to have each shard be protected by an ancient monster.

Zelda discussed this plan to her nursemaid Impa, and Impa agreed to the plan. So, they secretly shattered the Triforce of Wisdom into 8 shards and scattered it throughout the underground labyrinths. Once they did, they quickly traveled from the castle and tried to reach the bay where a ship was waiting to take them to Calatia. The ship never received its precious cargo.

On the way, Zelda and Impa were ambushed by Ganondorf and a group of Moblins and Bokoblins. Impa escaped, but Zelda stayed in captivity and quickly requested Impa to find the hero to find the shards of the Triforce of Wisdom. Impa came to the small village in the Ordona Province for safety and was discovered by Bokoblins. When she was almost killed, a 14-year-old boy saved her and killed the Bokoblins.

Pokémon XY anime series music in Japan...

I work very hard to make each opening song or ending song sounds beautiful as a piano solo!! Hope everyone who once listened to these songs will like them !! 
OP1 V Volt
OP2 Getta Ban Ban (complete)
OP3 XY&Z (complete)
ED3 Dori Dori