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Forum discussions on my dashboard

I commented in a discussion for the first time recently, and now my dashboard is full of discussions that I haven't even interacted with. It makes it a real pain to check on my comments etc. especially as I went away for a few weeks and came back to a dashboard full of irrelevant stuff. 

Could either 1) someone tell me how to turn off the feature, so that I only see discussions I'm involved in (i.e. this one and that other one I mentioned), or 2) staff work on improving the dashboard? I'd be very grateful for some advice.

Wrong instruments listed in RECENT SCORES, etc

On our pages under Spotlight, Recent Scores and Favorites you have the instruments listed. In my case as well as many others who do not always have a GM compatible lineup, the listed instruments are wrong. Way off, in fact. A work for trombone choir lists a string sextet, trumpet and tuba.  A chamber orchestra lists organ, harmonica, 2 guitars, soprano saxophone, strings, synthesizer, bass and trombone, the latter being the only one correct.
I'm not sure this info is necessary there. If so could it be optional, erased, or changed somehow?
If most folks feel differently, I'll withdraw the request.

On sites of followers I just saw a work for Cl and Pf listed as harmonica and oboe; piano as percussion; piano as harpsichord; a woodwind quintet as 3 pianos, organ and harpsichord (!)
an orchestral work listed a 5 organs, 6 pianos, 17 percussion, 4 more keyboards, accordion, harmonica...get the picture?

My work always ends up with a few guitars and a harmonica. I wrote for ballet; not Hee-Haw. The only ones correct are my songs (voice, piano).

Feature Request: Difficulty Filter

When im practicing piano and looking for Sight-Reading songs i am missing following feature:

I need a way to filter songs by difficulty. The difficulty could be voted by the community because it is hard for a single person to estimate a difficulty level depending on their skill level.

Alternatively it would be cool to set own tags to my favorites and be able to filter by them.

Feature Request: Wait mode + MIDI Input

Since the practice mode was added recently it strongly reminded me on an app called 'flowkey'.

Additionally to the notes flying by in different tempo you have a function called 'wait' where you can either connect your device via usb-to-host or use the devices microphone to recognize play notes as midi input. The score only proceeds to the next notes if the matching midi was recognized. For more info visit

I dont know if this makes sense for other instruments than piano but i would love to see that feature in the android app!

au lieu d'avoir un baiser après notre déclaration de mariage

 Le plan de la table que j’ai fait moi-même, c’est difficile à expliquer, mais j’ai acheté un miroir de salle de bains en forme de hutte de plage 
deguisement robe princesse petite fille
, entouré d’un compartiment, avec le mot plage situé en haut. Il y avait huit espaces, autour du miroir qui était au milieu, alors nous avons juste créé les plans de la table à partir de la carte et les avons placés dedans. Ça avait vraiment l'air bien à la fin.

«Nous avons eu une idée pour quelque chose d'un peu différent; au lieu d'avoir un baiser après notre déclaration de mariage 
robe pour un bapteme femme
, nous voulions faire un selfie. Nous avons fait passer cette carte à notre registraire, qui était brillante et qui n’avait aucun problème avec elle et était plus qu’heureuse de nous aider à la faire. Je suis un peu obsédé par les selfies et Facebook, donc c'était parfait pour nous et cela signifiait que nous pouvions télécharger la première photo avant l'un de nos invités. Notre photographe Mia a également capturé ce qui est brillant. 

Brass and Winds Improvement

I think something that would definitely be something worthwhile would be to make the brass and winds sound like an ensemble or a section, like the battery sections with MuseScore Drumline.

I write a lot of stuff for marching band and drum corps, so definitely a new soundfont would help for a more realistic-souding playback. Is anybody else with me on this?

Thanks so much!

- Jacob

Mary Poppins Returns Suite (For Symphony Orchestra)

Hey guys! I recently have seen Mary Poppins Returns at the theaters. It is a wonderful movie with great music! My love of the music in that film is so great that I decided I would make an orchestra suite consisting of some of the key songs in the film. I am far from finished but if you would like so see what I have done so far, you can find the song here:

Note: I am attempting to create this score by solely writing what I hear. This is one of the first times I have done this. Feel free to point out any mistakes or anything that may be missing. Enjoy!