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Problems with importing .mscz files with blanks/spaces in name

I recognized problems with importing MuseScore files into the app directly from email. It seemed to get imported but then the app just shows a white screen.

Shutting down the app and restarting it, the Songbook only shows a new entry with a long number but can't actually open it.

By accident I found out that this most probably was caused by blanks/spaces in the file name. When having replaced those by underscores, the import worked as expected.

Could you possibly check if this is actually a bug in the latest IOS version?

You Tube, Chrome, and MuseScore

In response to a bug report of mine yesterday about what seems to have been a temporary problem, DanielR (his name doesn't at-sign complete) informed me that Chrome and/or YouTube (both Google products) have implemented a policy change that refuses to embed YouTube videos, which is the present MuseScore technology for coupling score playbacks to sounds produced by other means (e.g., advanced DAW's, Virtual Pipe Organs).  If that's, as Cronkite used to say "the way it is" forever, this is a massive setback.  Not so much for contributors to this site like myself, but for visitors directed to it who will have no idea what's going on when a carefully-produced score refuses to play. I have verified that a YT score which works in FF just hangs in Chrome.

If the report is accurate
, two courses of action present themselves. First, the site page scripting should detect this, and not offer the player bar, but instead, substitute a box saying "You-Tube backed score cannot be played on Google Chrome. Please use a different browser."

Secondly, the policy of prohibiting the MP3 upload connection of arbitrary, non-MS-produced sound to score playback needs reassessment in light of this development.  "Scores with good sound can't be played on Chrome" is a horrific state of affairs.  Is that true for Google Android as well?

This seems to be Google saying "You can't use YT content this way, at least as long as we have anything to say about it", and i wonder when the other shoe will drop and you won't be able to embed YT content at all, in any browser. If the report is accurate, YouTube is no longer a viable solution to pairing MuseScore with more capable performance engines.

Smooth Loops

Hi, I am a pianist and a violinist. Now, as you probably know, sometimes people struggle with certain parts of a piece of music. Looping the music is a great solution but there is one problem, the loops aren't smooth! If you make a loop, there will be a short pause between each repetition, which, is makes practicing using the loop very difficult. If you could get rid of that pause (or at least minimize it) to the best of your ability to make it mostly seamless, that would be greatly appreciated by not only me, but many other MuseScore users.
Thank you, Zatchary