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How to change note durations

Hello, I have a score that I fiddled with arranging for a clarinet quintet for my school, but I used the basis of it (it is a classical transcription) from a different score. However, the score I used (Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy, if you're curious) is in 2/4 with eight note beats, and I want it to be in 4/4 with quarter note beats (a lot of the kids in my school will have trouble counting the 32nd notes, so I want them to be 16th notes). Is there any easy way to do this without manually recreating the whole score?

Website Playback - trouble playing ties across measures?

In my score, in the left hands at measures 52-53 and 125-126, the A-flat doesn't continue sounding in the second measure (but the other notes seem to work fine).

In the program it sounds correct. I think the invisible pedaling I added is what's messing up playback on the website, since the pedal stops right on the A-flat in the first measures.