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My friend is locked out, so can't write here.

My friend Gertim (@SDG) seems to be locked out of the site, so much so that he can't access other people's scores let alone log in for his own or use forums or contact forms (and email here is routinely unresponsive).  He recently un-followed a very large number of people (nothing wrong with that) and fears he triggered a spam filter. He is at his wit's end. please contact him and or me, thanks.

Competition no.1 Winners! UPDATED!

Thank you all for your patience! The winners have been elected, but there were ties for first AND second place. For that reason, there are two winners for the places. 
 Without further ado:

1ST PLACE:     Loveisall - "Day of the Butterfly"
                         Sahir Haider - "The Drifting Waltz"

2ND PLACE:    Frederick Biddix - "Piano Concerto no.1"
                         Dekkadeci - "Sonata-Allegro in G Minor"

3RD PLACE:    David L Dinh - "The Wanderer"

Congratulations to all that won! Even if you didn't win, there's always the next competition! We are still working on when the next one will be held, but held it will be!

The links to the the YouTube videos for the winners will ready soon!
A HUGE thanks to our wonderful judges:
   Shashwat Joglekar
   The Kevin Channel

MuseScore's Public Domain copyright database is wrong in some cases

I have tried and failed to add the Public Domain flag to a work which is part of a song cycle: 
Debussy, Claude - Ariettes Oubliées

But although the PD process can identify this song cycle, it describes "Ariettes Oubliées" as not in the Public Domain.  That is simply wrong, because we transcribed all the works in this song cycle from IMSLP #14819, which is clearly described on as Public Domain. See the relevant page on

Please can you fix this problem?