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Piano Concerto In F major (Finished)

in Piano

I finally finished this large scale work. It is definitely not my longest work, but it is the first longest work for orchestra. I feel fulfilled when completing this. I would like to have some feedback since I will be orchestrating my first concerto!
First movement:
Second movement:
Third movement:

Hi everyone I’m oli_pro

in Piano

Hi guys 

im a new member of this group 
I’m grade 4-6 in piano 
in cello I can join in a grade 6-8 Orchestra!!!!
so I just think about my own version only a little bit of edit, and is by a guy maybe in this group. To the guy that make the song called (the spectre)
so I will make the score about 2020-2021.
my version will be a little bit of rock style because I have a band and we have a drum kit 
i'm only 9 years old
the drummer is 9 as well
so plz if u are the one that made the spectre plz reply and show your email so we can hangout and make together an rock style version 
I already made 5 or  more my own songs but have not post yet
it only for grade 2-3...
so plz if u are reply it and show your email.
and also I got distinction on grade 5 theory!!!!
is 91 point out of 100!!!!
good ya!!

c ya

from : oli_pro

p.s  can someone be my buddy on hangouts that is as same grade as me??? Is 4 or more!!! Need to be a PRO