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Help! Adding a third staff for only a few bars (ms 3)

in Piano

Hello everyone!

I am currently confronted with a problem in MuseScore3. Do any of you know how to add a third staff for only a few bars? e.g. for adding an alternative voicing or just to maintain a proper overview of the part.
(I am aware that you can add a third staff by pressing "i" (Instrument) and then "Add staff" but then it is apllied to the whole piece. The attempt to delete the unwanted bars in the third staff afterwards lead to a huge clusterfuck. So now, I am very much so out of options ;( )
Detailed descriptions are very much appreciated! Thank you in advance :)

New MuseScorer

Hi, I'm kind of new to MuseScore. I am a self-taught pianist, and generally play by ear, with chords and a melody, as I have never learnt any other way.

Through MuseScore, I have recently learned to read music, and have tried to write down some of the songs I have written. I would love it if someone could look at some of the songs I have uploaded, maybe even have a go at playing one?

Any feedback (even critical - I know they're not very good!) would be appreciated.



Import files

in Piano

I have been trying to import a part of a score that I need to adapt for oboe, but the file is just sitting there.  I cannot delete it, and it seems I cannot upload another file.  Does anyone know what is going on?