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New Song: Play Time

Hi guys! I composed this little song yesterday... I would have uploaded this yesterday too but my Musescore wasn’t working :(

If you didn’t hear, if I get 20 followers I’ll get Musescore Pro and upload more songs more often.

BTW, I’m going to start learning Guitar so you might see some songs for the Guitar.

Tuba, which one? Which key?

in Brass

I'm not a brass player, I'm a violinist. I'm just writing for myself with MuseScore, trying to build my composition and orchestration skills. How do you decide which tuba to use in compositions? Wikipedia says that some tubas are more commonly used in UK, the other is more commonly used in US. If I ever have a real player to write for, then I'll write for that persons instrument. Until that happens, can you give me any suggestions, comments etc? (I posted one of my composition exercises , with a tube, to this group, it's the variations on Swanee river) Thanks.