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When I'm writing for any ensemble that contains the MDL instruments i always experience a glitch that happens after i stop playing the score. I will usually click the stop button and when it does a huge bang of all of the instruments in MDL being used come at unison and full volume. This will happen a few times and after so many MDL will start glitching and it will make the velocity go all over the place. It makes it sound almost corrupt. I know it isnt corrupt because after restarting the platform everything is fine. Then the sound happens again and it goes haywire and i have to restart the program once again. I've experienced this before but only now has it become extremely prominent. This is my main issue however the problem with shots also bothers me. The unaccented taps are louder than a rim shot. I can get around it by using a ping shot (which is slightly louder but it is still a bit quieter than an accented note) however i still prefer to use a rimshot. Thanks for listening! Hope you can figure out the problem soon.Reply

YouTube is cracking down on bogus Copyright Claims and "Claim Jumpers"

YouTube is cracking down on bogus Copyright Claims and "Claim Jumpers". This makes my job easier in defending my work. Maybe other sites will learn from this:

If you get a manual claim, that means a copyright owner identified that their copyrighted content has been used without their permission and used the Manual Claiming tool to claim your video. A manual claim is different from an automated Content ID claim, which is generated when a video uploaded to YouTube is scanned against a database of files that have been submitted to us by content owners and the system finds a match between the audio or visual reference files and the video. 

The Manual Claiming tool lets select copyright owners who have demonstrated an advanced working knowledge of YouTube’s Content ID matching system to manually make claims on their content in uploaded videos not otherwise made by the Content ID matching system. Copyright owners can’t use manual claiming for any other purpose. Improperly claiming content that they don't own can result in penalties including legal liability and termination of partnership.

It’s important that creators always have detailed knowledge about who is claiming content in their videos, where it appears, and what they can do to resolve the claim. That’s why all new manual claims will require copyright owners to provide timestamps to indicate exactly where their copyrighted content appears in videos they claim, and we’ve updated our editing tools to make it easier to automatically release a claim.

PDF creation for Landscape Mode scores is not working

Choosing Download-->"PDF" on a score  that was created in Landscape mode, results in a Portrait-Mode truncated  PDF (music on the left edge is cut-off):

Note,  The Download-->"PDF including parts" function does appear to work  correctly however only for single instrument scores (e.g., the organ  score referenced above), this is not an option:

Send notification when favourited score gets updated

I think it really makes sense to notify people who fav'ed a score when it gets reuploaded. Otherwise WIP updates will never get to their subscribers unless one spams all the groups.

Think about this, it is fair to assume that people who fav'ed a WIP piece want such notifications, and most people have no reason to abuse such notifications as it only gets resended to people who already fav'ed, and overdoing this would only make annoyed people unfav the piece.

Group sheet music

I think it would be a very nice feature to have a fourth collection type: sheet music in groups.
Inside it shows you your groups if you tap one of the groups it shows all sheet music in this particular group.
I hope something like this can be one of the next implementations.

Sorry, this score is termporarily hidden - WHY?

I uploaded my score a few months ago and today i opened my profile to hear my music and i saw this on one of scores

Sorry, this score is temporarily hidden. Don’t worry, it is still available to you as a private score. We believe that this score is related to the work "XXX" from the film "YYY". We could be wrong and your score is possibly related to a different work. If you believe so, let us know about it and we will fix this issue.

I agree it is related to it, but i created it myself, i can see other people's work related to same song from the same movie, but why only my work is hidden?

Is this a bug or there is an actual reason behind it?

adding lyrics

I'm stumped how to solve a problem.  MuseScore will only allow me to add lyrics as in one word per beat.  I've written a piano score but I want to add the words to the song.  This may entail up to 9 words per bar but MuseScore is only allowing me to put in 4 words before it bumps along to the next chord.  Does anyone know how to solve this annoying problem?   I want to add what ever I want!  I also want to write down the lyrics to five verses one under the other.  HELP!