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Problem With Uploading Profile Picture

So I wanted to change my account picture, and I did the normal steps, went to my profile, clicked on my account image to change it, all good there.

I select my picture and the option to crop the picture pops up, all good.

But suddenly, as I finished and clicked the button, it sent me back to the "Select an image or drag it" box. 

It never uploaded my image and I'm confused. 

Help please.

Has anyone ever thought of starting over?

Sorry this might not be the appropriate group to post this is in.
But I am seriously considering cancelling my account and opening a new one (not that this is any huge deal)
Most of my pieces are still notated wrong, and I have improved every single one of them
I now have them all professionally copyrighted.
And though I would hate to lose all the progress.
Instead of updating every single score, I am wondering if it just be better to start from scratch.
I probably wont get as many followers, but I really don't care.

sorting options


I'm a satisfied user of MuseScore, which has now replaced Sibelius for work. That's why I subscribed to the online plan to upload a lot of scores for me to share with my students (in solfege, music analysis...)

But that tool is not really convincing with a lot of scores : it's a mess, with no sorting options.

I would suggest the team to work on the website to make it possible for users with lots of scores to view and sort easily their scores :

1/ show what scores are in a set or not (best option) or make it possible to make folders (old school). That would permit us to see only one set/category of files (for example, one of my classes)

2/ have a global view on our uploads : list the sets, show a tag cloud, list of used instrumentations, count of scores, etc. any options to make it organisable, readable, user-friendly

3/ maybe (that would be a dream) have a cloud-like system to sync with computer folders. Uploading one file at a time is a little bit painful...

4/ another dream would be to let us share sets/categories of scores immediately as a new "folder" in my students "MuseScore" app :-) Imagine : all my students could easily access, with one click in their app, to a set of scores they wrote. Or to a set of scores to analyse Sonata Form... :-)

This is really the only (but major) thing that I really miss to have a perfect tool for me and my students.
Do the team needs a fundraising for that website/cloud update ? :-)

Thank you and keep going, MuseScore Team !

Some thoughts on the new recommendation system

Does anyone think the user recommendation system should be stopped. Here are the several reasons.
1. There will be a huge influx in followers for the recommended accounts where the new followers don't care for the music from the accounts they are following.
2. Due to the decreasing proportion of followers who truly care for the music, the value of music (esp follower specials) will be significantly undermined.
3. Due to the fact that only "top users" will be recommended, the follower growth of these users will be much quicker than the others (which are the majority). This will greatly enhance the disparity between different accounts, and can be considered unfair, and create biased competition.

The group recommendation is fine though :p

What are your opinion?

Series 8

Here's the discussion board for all things series 8! Please don't post spoilers for 12 hours after a new episode airs in the UK, to make sure everyone gets a chance to see it.

Episode 1, Deep Breath, airs tomorrow! 7:30 on BBC1, 8:15 on BBC America.


And the Undertale Character Awards go to....

Best Character: Mettaton EX
Character with best design: Mettaton EX
Funniest Character: Papyrus
Saddest Character to kill (In Genocide): Toriel
Character you'd most want to give up a Genocide route for: Papyrus
Worst Character: Tie between Asriel and Snowdin Shopkeeper
Character with best battle (If not a boss, character with best conversation): Undyne The Undying
Best Boss: Flowey
Best Vendor: Burgerpants
Character that should be explored more: The Amalgamates
Strangest character: Annoying Dog


About spammers (really, no)

Hi everybody.

About last reports about increasing subscribers count.

On Monday we launched new functionality that helps new users to find new groups. Before this moment, groups functionality was the feature for experienced users, but we want to make this functions more popular, make it one of core features on the MuseScore. (Un)Fortunately, the result of this experiment was much bigger (~10 times) than we expected: new users use it to subscribe to the new groups and users with the great pleasure: it's a reason why you see too many new followers and subscribers. They are not spammers (but if you see spammers you can send their accounts names to and we will ban accounts asap). We want to improve it, and make it better and I'll be happy to see your feedback. 

At the moment I can't understand: why is it bad to have more followers, but I see your experiences, and I'm thinking about what to do. Now you understand the reason, and I'll be happy to see your opinions here.

P.S. My bad, that I didn't write a post here immediately after release: we lost deadline and it was released when I went on vacation. My apologies =(