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Public/Open Discussions to All Groups?

I've noticed several people spamming "look at my score" discussions since the community page was released. I think it would be a great idea if there is a public/open discussion setting where you can tag all of the groups you want to share a discussion with. Then we wouldn't have to scroll past 20 duplicates of one particular discussion in the community page. The members of each of the groups tagged will see the discussion on their dashboards/community page once.

Vertical score alingment: first page vs other pages

My score has one system with 13 staves on every page, with a title at the top of the first page.

The bottom of the first page system falls close to the bottom margin whereas all the other pages are aligned to the top with a much larger space at the bottom. I can find no way to ensure that all pages fill an equal amount of vertical space as one would normally expect in an orchestral edition.

I would expect the title header + the first page system to occupy the same vertical space as the system by itself occupies on all the following pages. Is there a way of ensuring this in the page setup dialogue? or elsewhere?

I can use Musescore 2 or 3 for this project.

'Dimming' Private scores or doing something to make them distinguishable from public ones.

It would be nice (at least for me) if I could easily distinguish between my private and public scores.
For example, when looking at a set (which BTW the improvement to are great) it would be really cool if private scores were a different color, or just something to make it obvious that these are private.
Something to make private and public scores very obvious when scrolling.

"Send to YouTube" time reset for Free Users set to more than 23 hours.

I understand that Free Users don't get all the cool features that this software offers. But don't you think it's inconvenient to set things precisely 24 hours? Tasks can only get later and later if a User has commissions and it's forced to post daily to go up against the trend.
So I thought that maybe if it's set to at least 23 hours and 40/50 minutes, it can really help lessen the distress and anxiety of going through this.

Can no longer delete scores

Before the latest update, I could click the 3 dots to the right of the "Add Discussion" and select "delete score".  That option is no longer available.  I am a pro member and an admin for the group.  Also, I hate the icon format.  I prefer lists of songs, not the stupid icons, which take up room but don't really contain meaningful information.