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Bassoon Problems/Jokes

You know you're a bassoonist when...
You're excited at the idea of new reeds.
Your seat strap decides to fall off mid-song.
You know exactly when your seat strap is at optimum position.
You know EXACTLY how to make foghorn noises.
You're probably not very loud. To the point at which your band director will start talking to players who share your part (ex. Tubas), and they never remember you play too.
You are quirky, make strange and interesting noises, and are proud of it.
You like having spare cork grease, just in case your bassoon needs even MORE cork grease.
Chances are, you have named your bassoon.
Because you sound so awesome when you do it, you now have a greater appreciation for bass parts.

Any other ideas?


Hey I’m new here so anyways, my name is josh I’m a 14 year old gay,Jewish violinist, I play lacrosse, cross country, and snowboard competivly, I live in the state of Connecticut, I do Suzuki on my own time and I’m currently in book 4 working on the vivialdi concerto in a minor Mvt 1 and 3 and plus Bach double violin concerto second violin part, if anyone wants to talk then you know we’re to find me

Playback foulup

Four days ago I noticed a new style of font on the comments section of my page. I figured it was your new Spring look, but now whenever I want to play a piece of mine or elsewhere one of three things happens:
1) The blue line begins to race across the page before I press play and it plays with the scroll 8 or so bars ahead; 2) it stutters or does not play; 3) It plays (eureka!)
Hardly a good way to entice listeners, wouldn't you say?
Sometimes it stalls and it takes forever to leave the page.

Until this occurrence all had been fine. I have rebooted and my PC seems to be fine in all other aspects. I use Windows 10, Firefox and ver 2.3.2.

I think it was a bad idea...

I think it was a bad idea to try to learn the violin. So, my reason for saying that is this: Back in 2016, I fell off an exercise ball and hit my neck on a wooden arm-rest on a couch. We happen to have a RN and a Physical Therapist at our house. I think it scared the RN when I fell. I laid so still because I thought that I had broken my neck. Anyway, my neck was quite injured but it wasn't broken. I thought it had healed up, but ever since January of this year, when I started the violin, I've had extreme neck problems. I literally have to crack/snap my neck around 10-20 times a day. I was talking to some people and we are thinking that the angle in which you hold a violin was too much for my neck. What do you guys think?
 (I probably should have posted this in the violin group, but, I didn't want to. LOL!)