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If you don't mind, I would like to request ownership of the group Piano Company, if no one else has yet to.

While there are active users in this group still, the owner themself (and a majority of, if not all of, the other admins) do not appear to have been active recently. I would love to revamp the group and start trying to build it up and maintain it again!

Thank you so much for your consideration! :)

Christopher Larkin's Sheet Music Policy

After it was brought to my attention that distributing sheet music without first consulting the copyright holder(s) is technically infringement, I contacted Christopher Larkin to learn what his policy is. After some back and forth, he told me the following:

We encourage fan remixes/arrangements provided they're free. So upon further thought, it's fine if you want to release your arrangement of Hornet for free on Musescore :)

This is a good thing for this community; as long as you're never making any money off an arrangement/remix/performance, he is okay with it.

However, the moment you make money off something, even if it's something as trivial as ad revenue from YouTube, then Christopher Larkin has every right to take it down. In fact, he still has every right to take even free stuff down, but I don't think that he will exercise that right.

So if you plan to make money off a work derived from Larkin's, you'd better consult with him first. If he doesn't get back to you, chances are that he's still figuring things out; a lack of response is NOT implicit approval. If your project will not generate money, then you're almost certainly good to go, and you shouldn't need to receive explicit permission.

Feature request: add ability to play Musescore app with screen off.

Please consider adding the ability to play the Musescore android app with the screen turned off. There are plenty of situations where musicians may wish not to have the screen on while listening to a score on their portable device, such as when travelling. Right now, users can't put their mobile device in their pocket while listening without the  screen being triggered accidentally. Also, the app automatically stops, won't play in the background, when the user switches to another task on the device. Lastly, having to keep the screen on when listening, also wastes battery life. With my other musician apps, such as metronomes and mp3 audio players, I can listen to them while I am out walking or doing some other physical activity and have my phone tucked away. Thanks, Sam 

I N T E R E S T I N G Challenge - Submissions are closed, Judges can start judging!

Here's the rubric!

10 automatic points for following the contest criteria
10 points for being pleasant to listen to
5 points for having interesting melodies, chords, etc.
5 points for creativity/uniqueness (or trying new stuff)
1 bonus point for being the first submission :P (though if you rush it you might not score as high on the above criteria :P) 

Total: 30 points (though it is possible to get 31/30

Submissions are listed in the original contest discussion, in the order they were submitted.
Please pm me your results once you're done! The winner will be the person who has the highest mean score.

Judges are me, Bopple, and Half step.

Chats number for new users has been limited.

Hi! Today we’ve added a new private messages restriction due to the spam issue. Now every new MuseScorer can create only 3 new chats per day. Existing users who registered more than 1 month ago won't experience any private messages limitations.

I hope this restriction will not cause problems for the community, but will actually help us to avoid spam in PMs.

What is your story?

My whole venturing in music started when my mom convinced me to learn cello in an after school program in fourth grade (school affiliated, but not school sponsored). A year prior I had started piano lessons, but this really did it. My mom showed me a video by The Piano Guys, and I was immediately hooked. I thereafter became a large fan of The Piano Guys. It didn't bother my to much that there were no lyrics because I already knew most of them. Their videos were fun and entertaining. Then one day things changed.
My dad had borrowed the Star Wars trilogy from a friend and let me watch them with him. I was enthralled by everything about the movies, especially the music. Most people who knew me assumed I would love the Star Wars video made by The Piano Guys but they were wrong. To me the Piano Guys version seemed diminished and less convincing, especially the Imperial March. Gone was the march tempo, instruments (heavy brass and drums mainly), and the crisp rhythm. I did not notice or realize all the details but I got the gist that many things we're done wrong. That was an important moment for me. I realized that there were several factors that affected how good music sounds, and if you get them right then an impressive effect is achieved, otherwise it is not. Subsequently I became obsessed with film music, particularly John Williams and the like.

One day I found a large case of baroque CDs at my grandparents' second house. Clearly it was one of the many things sold with the house. I was eager to try them out and enjoyed them. I gradually shifted completely over to baroque music and then to classical. Then I found Jerry Siepman, who has made several audiobooks on musical subjects. First I listened to his introduction to the orchestra. This helped me identify which instruments possessed the tambres I heard but I still struggled with some instruments. After that I tried some on musical pieces. Somehow I got bored of the four seasons, so I tried the one for Dvořák’s ninth symphony, which I had only heard the famous largo solo from. I found it very interesting. I especially liked the idea of listening to all the movements of a symphony in the right order in one sitting. I had never done so before.
That was nearly two years ago. Now my favorite composers are Dvořák, Tchaikovsky, and Richard Strauss. I can easily identify most tambres, including bass oboe. I have learned a lot about the orchestra and orchestration. I have also learned about harmony and counterpoint. I think I have come a long way.
That is my story. What is yours?

Pathetique Sonata under Game of Thrones, Really?

I just uploaded my Pathetique Sonata orchestration and I look at the search bar category and it says Game of Thrones. Um, the Pathetique Sonata, orchestral or not has no relation to Game of Thrones so why is it in that category?

Here is the score where you see a category that the music is irrelevant to:

It would be better to put it under Strings or Woodwinds than Game of Thrones. Or even better would be to add an Orchestral category and put it in that category.