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Biography [6] CountryHomes

Two months ago, Diana "Reed" (better known as CountryHomes) released her twelve follower special. Honestly, she's due for another special, with a follower count now at 42. To get her thoughts on music and more, Musescore News recently interviewed her...

News: Let's hear your Musescore story. What brought you here, and did it turn out as you expected?
Country Homes: I joined Musescore while looking for sheet music, so, I guess you could say that one of my expectations was finding all the sheet music I ever wanted. I didn't know about the community when I first joined. I would say it is different [from my expectations], but not totally. I, obviously, haven't been able to find all the sheet music I ever wanted.

N: So how did Musescore help you grow as a musician?
CH: Well, before I came to Musescore, I thought that I couldn't compose. Being on Musescore, and the encouragement of other people has made me realize that I can compose. It also has made me want to be a better musician.

N: You brought up the community here; who of that community inspires you, and why?
CH: Probably, Micah and/or Lizzapie, through their music... It helped me realize that I'm not alone in this world and that God is always there for me.

N: Looking at your own work, do you have a favorite score?
CH: Well, honestly, I would say that my 12 follower special is my best, but my background music score has more favorites and comments, which may just be because it was uploaded first. My follower count went up much faster after I uploaded my 12 follower special, as I now have 41 followers and that means a lot to me.

N: Outside of Musescore, do you have any interesting facts or funny stories about yourself to share?
CH: I'm not sure. Most people probably don't know that I love puzzles.
Also, most people probably don't know that I'm a triplet. The other two are Phia and Alexis, but, we're not triplets in real life, just on Musescore. :D One of my most embarrassing moments was when my brother and I were shopping. I couldn't reach something on the top shelf, so, my brother attempted to reach it, but he couldn't either. Suddenly, this teen guy appeared next to us, and asked, "Do you need some help?" I could feel my face turning red as I stammered, "Sure." He reached it so easily, handed it to us, and started to walk off, I managed to say thank you, but, my brother and I ended up seeing him in the store later on, and we both turned red.

N: Do you use music, playing or composing, as a way to decompress? If not, what other things help you after a hard day?
CH: I play music, but, I don't compose because that's stressful for me. I also read books, and/or get on Musescore. Sometimes, I'll go on walks and listen to the birds, if it's still daylight.

N: Let's conclude with your musical aspirations. Are you ambitious for fame, or does music have a simpler role in your life?
CH: Well, I'm not one to dream of much, but, I guess you could say that I dream of being a well-known musician, that plays more instruments than the average musician.

That wrapped up our interview with CountryHomes, who may not be a big dreamer, but certainly has plenty of followers awaiting her next upload. Who knows? A 50-follower special? Check out her profile here (
) and be sure to join Musescore News and Biographies for the scoop on the Musescore community! See you in the next edition!

thanks again to @OatmealBlondie for this amazing interview.

Scores being taken down for copyright issues??

I've had two of my pieces taken down in one week because of quote: "We received a report that your score "New Sight - UltraHQ Audio!! :D" is infringing on someone else's author rights. We have taken down this content from MuseScore for the time being." 
Has anyone else been getting their scores reported?? I've added in my deputes that this is becoming a problem.. Both pieces that have been taken down are completely original, and even when it isn't 100% original, I always give full credit to co-author and would never post something not my own or non-public domain. I am starting to get upset, especially if this is someone going around and reporting my scores for who knows what reason.