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You are able to decide what to do

Raw materials in Swtor for crafting are put into six grades, which generally correspond to specific level ranges. Each grade is split into two tiers, and sometimes these different tiers are located on different planets at
. For example, Desh and Aluminium are Grade 1 Scavenged Metals, but Aluminium is a lot more commonly situated on Balmorra (for Empire players) and Taris (for Republic players) than on Dromund Kaas or Coruscant, where Desh is extremely common.

Most resources are normal on no less than 2 planets, and many can be seen on 4 or maybe more. Also, most planets have at the very least 2 common sorts of resources for each profession, however some have 4 or even more. Very rare Grade 7 materials that could be harvested using the gathering professions are only only in level 50 areas.

The gathering skill Archaeology and mission skill Treasure Hunting provide crafting helpful information for Artifice. The gathering skill Slicing is usually required to obtain sliced tech parts employed for some artifact quality items.As a beginning Artificer it's possible craft color crystals and offhand items. As you progress further together with the skill you may invariably find yourself capable of craft lightsabers and hilts to improve them, relics, dye modules, stronghold components and conquest supplies. Everything that you craft could be reverse engineered for a lot of of materials regained, and plenty of items also provide a chance to be taught a higher level of these schematic. The reverse engineering toggle button is in the top right corner of your respective inventory window.

Archaeology enables you to pick up pretty crystals, bioanalysis allows you to pick plants and dead beasts, scavenging will allow you to get scrap metal from droids and trash heaps, and slicing enables you to get credits from discarded terminals.
Scavenging and Bioanalysis may be especially neat to possess, because although you acquire the crafting nodes scattered through the galaxy, however you can also pick-up the bodies of the fallen enemies.

You are able to decide what to do with the supplies you gather – if you'd like money, you can sell the crooks to vendors or within the GTN for any nice profit, or you can keep them inside your legacy bank and employ them for crafting if you subscribe and unlock additional crew skill slots.

What are some things that none of us know about you?

Feel free to list as many as you want!

Somethings you probably don’t know about me is:

I’m a huge coin collector. I love it. (Some Of you know this I think)

I have a few stuffed animals that I love. I have a little baby penguin named Snow, and he’s the cutest ball of fluffiness ever. I have another penguin named Wons.
My brother, who is on a mission, sent me some stuffed animals for my birthday. Those animals are Mr. Bear II, Mr. Wolfe, and Mr. Hummingbird. And they are all so freakin cute. xD
I even bought a little fedora that they wear. It’s so adorable. xD

My room is painted yellow, and is filled with so many things bird related lol.

I’ll think of some more things later.

All Hail the MS Royalty

Your faithful King mnmwert
His trusty co-ruler and Queen Lizzapie
Their Princess Keno
and Prince Bopple
Baron Jaybird
Duke Astronix2
Duchess PianoDudette
General of the army and generally feared Rebecca Y
And Her battle Strategist CalebKum
Our chief of the spies and hacker extraordinaire zombie pigdragon
Our court Jester Mr_MusicGuy
Secretary Jaybird
Resident Genius & Ambassador of Science Peabody
Resident Genius Assistant Sherman
The bunny Fairy lareinedeslapins
Head of Parliament - Half Step
Undersecretary of Foreign Relations - Lacy Watson
Assistant head of Parliament - CrazyClique
First Tiger I am violaperson ruler of violas and rhinos
Second Tiger anderror000

Head of Personal Relations - lucillebluth.
One who eats toothpaste - I eat toothpaste
Cowboy - Aqueous Humourati
Royal Musician - Non but the tasty breakfast tarts
We all fight against the 'semi' but not really evil mollymawk who rules MS in tyranny giving everyone hugs wherever they go! Some people don't want hugs and we need to respect there choices!

(lemme know where you all are and I'll update the list. positions are based on place in top users section).

We all fight a war against mollymawk (and that new no 2 guy) for rulership over the MS kingdom!

Stand with me lads!

Another Idea

We could make a composition/performance wheel.

For example - 

Someone would compose a piece for cello, i would record my performance of it. Then I would compose a piece for another player, say flute, then the flutist would perform and record it to share with us. Then she would compose a piece and so on.

I don't know if this discussion has been made already but...

What are your plans for the summer?

For me:
 - I have this very strict cross country summer training program (This week I have to run at least 15 miles, I have to build up to 45 miles a week by the time school starts in 11 weeks) - we'll see how it goes :p
 - I'm going with my family to China (yay) because my parents work at a university that just opened up new joint programs with universities/colleges in Beijing and Hong Kong
 - I'm going to a sleep away camp that I've been going to for a veeeeeery loooong time (many many summers :p)

How about you all?

Let’s make each other’s day!

Let’s play an uplifting game!

Some of you might already know this game!
How do you play? Well... easy!

All you do is say at least 1 positive thing about the person that commented last before you! For example! A user comments, I say something nice about that user, then some user says something nice about me, and then a different user says something nice about that user etc etc. But feel free to say positive things to ANYONE that comments! Actually, please leave uplifting comments to as many users as you’d like! Common! Let’s make each other’s day! :)