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Another Idea

We could make a composition/performance wheel.

For example - 

Someone would compose a piece for cello, i would record my performance of it. Then I would compose a piece for another player, say flute, then the flutist would perform and record it to share with us. Then she would compose a piece and so on.

I don't know if this discussion has been made already but...

What are your plans for the summer?

For me:
 - I have this very strict cross country summer training program (This week I have to run at least 15 miles, I have to build up to 45 miles a week by the time school starts in 11 weeks) - we'll see how it goes :p
 - I'm going with my family to China (yay) because my parents work at a university that just opened up new joint programs with universities/colleges in Beijing and Hong Kong
 - I'm going to a sleep away camp that I've been going to for a veeeeeery loooong time (many many summers :p)

How about you all?

Let’s make each other’s day!

Let’s play an uplifting game!

Some of you might already know this game!
How do you play? Well... easy!

All you do is say at least 1 positive thing about the person that commented last before you! For example! A user comments, I say something nice about that user, then some user says something nice about me, and then a different user says something nice about that user etc etc. But feel free to say positive things to ANYONE that comments! Actually, please leave uplifting comments to as many users as you’d like! Common! Let’s make each other’s day! :)

Add a public issue tracker system similar to

Currently, It's difficult to track issues and feature requests that have already been made in this forum. I suggest, as I have done before within the context of another topic, adding a public tracker issue/suggestion system similar to for both the website and the phone app. Create EPIC lists of related issues. Also, I suggest publishing more website updates on bug fixes and new features. Thanks.