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MuseScore Viewing Online

Whenever I go to listen to scores online with my iPad or iPhone, the viewing is super buggy. Two examples are:

1. At a certain point in the piece, the playback will just stop, and won’t continue with the piece.
2. If I try to click on a different measure to listen to, it just goes back to the beginning and not to that measure.

Any help would be appreciated.

Release 2.2.0

Today we published release 2.2.0.

We combined your collections in one screen - the Library. Search the Library searches all your collections.

We added auto-suggestions when searching the Browse screen so you can better what you are really looking for.

We redesigned the design to improve your experience with the app.

If you have any problems after the update, please feel free to comment.

I'm in a bit of a composing slump. What should I write?

Option A: Something slow and synth-y, with electronic drums and maybe a part for an electronic wind instrument.

Option B: Something for a rock/pop band, minus the singer (acoustic drums, lead/rhythm guitars, bass, and synth)

Option C: Something for percussion ensemble (either pitched-heavy or unpitched-heavy)

Option D: Has been canceled. Someone else was planning on using it. Also, I really don't know how I would write this.