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Feedback zu MuseScore 2.2.5 for Android

Feature PDF-Export:
Funktioniert problemlos, allerdings erhalten viele Akkorde-eigentlich alle außer Bm im Beispiel- erhalten einen vorher nicht vorhandenen Index, siehe Anlage.
Der Name der Datei hat nichts mehr mit dem ursprünglichen Namen des Files gemeimsam.
Feature Transponieren:
Ausgangstonart wird nicht korrekt erkannt. Z.B. wird C/a angezeigt obwohl eigentlich F/d angezeigt werden sollte.
Transposition, wenn ich mich an die Anzahl der Schritte halte funktioniert, incl. Akkordsymbole.
Leider stürzt die App beim transponieren immer ab.
Nach dem erneuten Öffnen wird jedoch die transponierte Tonart korrekt angezeigt.
Feature Mischpult:
Beim Öffnen der Score erscheinen immer alle Stimmen, wenn ich anschließend das Mischpult öffne ist dort nur eine Stimme in der Anzeige. Wird das Mischpult ohne Änderung geschlossen, erscheinen immer noch alle Stimmen. Wenn ich im Mischpult alle Stimmen aktiviere und danach deaktiviere bis auf eine Stimme, dann erscheint die gewünschte Stimme in der Anzeige.

Can't I delete a comment on my own score?

I find that on discussions that I created, I can delete a comment, but for a comment that I entered on my own score, this is not possible. 
Is this a fault or is it just not possible? 

UPDATE:   I've just noticed a pattern, but I'm not sure: The comment I can't delete contains a link. When I am on the score page, this comment doesn't show the context menu symbol   with the 3 dots in the top right corner.  

Now I looked at another of my scores with comments, one of which contains a link, but the others don't.  
There it's the same:
For all of my comments that don't contain a link, I see the context menu symbol.
When clicking on it in one of my own comments, it offers the option to "Edit",
"Delete comment and replies",
"Delete comment and move replies",
"Mark as spam".
For my comment with the link, I don't see the context menu symbol so I don't have any of these options available.
For other users' comments, the context menu offers the options "Delete"  and "Mark as Spam". 

It doesn't seem to make a difference if there is a BBCode url tag around the link or not.
It seems strange, anyhow, could this be the reason ? And if so, how could I get the comment deleted? I would not want to delete the score if there's another way to fix the issue.

My Combat Strategy

Hinox: I shoot a bomb arrow at a sleeping Hinox first, when it wakes up, I shoot the eye with any arrow, then while it's stunned, I use Urbosa's Fury to finish it. Usually this strategy works with every type of Hinox.

Lynel: With a Lynel, I always start off getting close to one, it does no good to be far away and it shooting at you (because of their uncanny aiming abilities). When I'm close enough, I do  perfect dodges to attack him, then I use Urbosa's Fury to stun him. Once stunned, I ride it and slash at it's back until it throws me off. But! When it throws me off I do a slow mode bow and arrow shot on the back of its head to get some last minute headshots in.

Molduda: Bomb and bomb arrows, when stunned on the desert ground, Urbosa's Fury.

Stalker Guardian: With a Stalker, I have several different strategies: 1st. I use Master Cycle Zero to slow mode shoot Walkers in the eye with guardian arrow. 2nd. Break off all legs of Stalker (just for the fun of it. . . and for extra parts), and Urbosa's Fury. 3rd. Stand perfectly still so that the Stalker stops moving to try to shoot you, then shoot him perfectly in the eye with a Guardian Arrow (although this can be super dangerous as you need to be quick, or else the Guardian will finish you off instead). And lastly, perfect parry with a guardian shield, or any other high damage shield.