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adding extra notes into a song & shifting bar lines

Thanks, everyone for your help w the repeat signs.
There's one other thing that i can't figure out.
Let's say i wrote 5 measures in 4/4 time. the program automatically counts out the measures, put s in the bar lines according to the # of beats.  If i want to add a few more notes to one measure and make the barline shift to the right by a few beats (less than 4 beats), i can't do it cuz it just adds a full 4 beat measure.
What i had to do was rewrite the entire song note by note otw i have extra rests/beats that i need to account for. 
Hope that makes sense.
a real pain.
Can someone please teach me how to shift the bar lines and make it apply to the rest of the song?
Thank you so much!


Please post which song you like best in this discussion and on the due date of the challenge I will see which song has the most votes (ties are aloud, there will be no tiebreakers). You can only give 1 vote and It can't be your song (If you have one for the challenge).