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Why did you start piano?

in Piano

I was in some kind of hospital,
where I was suddenly starting to play the piano,
I started as early as possible and played up to 7 hrs until it was time for dinner, when my parents came to take me home, I showed them some kind of melody 
(I think it was with both hands, but I wouldn't know surely anymore)
They where speechless (because I've never touched a piano in over 12yrs!)
and sent me to a private piano teacher, where I take lessons till today (4 yrs later) and I'm now already playing some pieces by Alkan, Liszt and, well "Hanon" XD.

20th January Musical Cryptogram

My friends sometimes ask me to translate his or her name into a musical composition. I must confess that I love these activities as it forces you to make a melodic line out of it. So my challenge is:

Make a piece of music out of a name (can be anyone's)
Pieces should be longer than one minute and less than 3 minutes.
If those who are confused in how to use cryptograms then here is one way you could do this (French method):

I would judge your pieces based on originality, how beautiful it is and bonus if difficult names are used. 
Please in your titles that you need to state the name of the person
The winner will have their piece upvoted and will be followed by me.

Here is an example where the piece uses a musical cryptogram:

Your submission will be due at 15th February