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Hard Grand Piece Required for Piano

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Hello fellow pianists,

I am creating this discussion on behalf of myself to ask the questions whether someone would kindly create a score which has a grand sort of feel and is difficult. It will need octaves, low notes and lots of chords. You can choose the genre. Please reply and create in the timescale of a year maximum (at preference we can discuss further details).

Thank you for your time,

Joe on a boat’s musical cousin

SubmitHub for your music -- Canon in D featured.

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So sorry to post something a little Spammy....  But I used Submithub (I am not affiliated with the site) to post some of my music for free.   You can use 'standard credits 100% free' and submit your music to a bunch of blogs and youtube channels.

Anyway, I am getting featured on an asian youtube channel World Music Creation.  The channel has about 150K subs.    Its nothing life changing.  But its cool!  And 100% free.

Look up submithub, and  give it a try.  And while your at it click my link.. it is  It is safe.   And give me some love for my big premiere!!  Best of luck everyone.

Daily Challenge Group! Join now and become a better composer!
This group is to challenge all of you to try writing a short 8 measure hymn like (4 part harmony using grand staff) piece each day throughout the school year! This will help you grow in many ways as a composer, for you will learn how to train your ear to create 4 part harmonies that sound beautiful, you will become a more creative yet structured composer, and you will learn how to break out of composers block!