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Just to start out, I am a worship leader at my church and have no piano background. I am currently putting together a Christmas program at my church and some of the sheet music we download from praise charts are not in the correct key. My volunteers cite read but cannot transpose music. I started a free trial of musescore in hopes that I would be able to transpose my music with this program. Is there anyone in this group that could inform me if there is a way to transpose this music I have with this program? the sheet music I get from praise charts are a pdf file. 

I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!

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if someone out there can please help me complete these people's song request, ill REALLY apricaite. I be 2 buzy with school stuff while i try to complete these request and i be trying to finsish fanfiction stories as well. If you want 2 help me, and make people smile, PLZ LET ME KNOW!! Thank u! :3

How to set a quarter note and a half note onto the same note neck?

musescore version Rev. 7684abe (Mac OSX)

Hi friends and musicians,
at first my intension: I want to write 2 voices on the same four-four time line. Voice A has 4 beats of quarters, Voice B has at beat 1 a half note and then at beat 3 and 4 quarter notes. I know the way to set 2 note of the same note heads at the same neck with turning one head to left and the other to right. But how can I do it with a quarter head on left and a half head on the right side of the note neck?
I will be very happy if anybody could show me the way.
Many thanks in advance,
Toni S.

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Hello! I was hoping anyone would mind viewing or commenting on my pieces! I'm a new composer, I play the double bass and I have issues composing for other instruments. So, please give me advice and feedback! Thank you so much!
Small percussion/ Double Bass ensemble (little bit strange I know, but it's fun for me.)
Modified Pierrot ensemble ( For Audition)

Thank you so so much if you view or comment on the piece!