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Instrument list and search capabilities

Dear staff,
I have few topics to raise regarding the musescore web site :

1.When I use a custom soundfont, the instrument list on the website is completely wrong.

2. Is there a way to keep the correct list and the custom soundfont at the same time? Even a manual insertion (i.e. like inserting tags) could be fine.
Would it be possible to select a MIN number of instruments and not (only) the exact number?

3. Modified scores should be also brought back in the browse page as they could contain huge changes. Is there a way to achieve that?

Enrico playback not completing online

I have written a piece and need to send it to my choir to use for rehearsal tracks. The problem I'm finding is that the tracks stop half way through for no reason at all when they try and play them, same with me. I think some of them are doing it on phones or tablets if that makes a difference, have tried on a few scores I've uploaded and they all have the same problem. Anyone know what could be causing this?

A place to add website issues or suggested website enhancements (2)

I can't reply on the other thread because the person who started the thread, Mike Magatagan, blocks me (That in itself is a bug. If you speak in the public square, the rules of your house should not apply).

I would love to see an issue tracker for site bugs, but I have the distinct feeling that the site maintainers either do not have available, or are unwilling to allocate, the degree of commitment (which may boil down to real rubles) to have to verify every complaint (many of which may be "user errors") and track them the way the application developers do.  Other than that, +10 for Mike's suggestion.

The use of a bulletin board which promotes general discussion, and input for community pressure to fix bugs seems (to me) a cop-out.  This is an unprofessional substitute for formal bug-tracking.  The very title of this group states that it's for "suggestions for improvement", not bug reports (i.e., denial that bugs are frequent or serious enough to be issues).

Given the way site changes are rolled out with insufficient testing, not on any schedule, and without any public list of what is changed, real bug tracking might not even be possible.

A place to add website issues or suggested website enhancements

Suggestion: add a link on the page to allow users to report issues or suggest enhancements that would allow (1) a textural description of the issue/enhancement, (2) the ability to attach diagrams, screenshots or scores, (3) links to another page(s) containing additional amplification. This link would not be a group (which really is designed for a different purpose). The forum is actually a reusable model for this purpose however, it currently does not support website issue tracking. .mxl Download sometimes creates invalid dates in archive

When downloading certain scores as compressed MusicXML from, the date of files in the mxl archive is invalid (00-00-1980).

Exporting to .mxl from MuseScore and 3.0.4 does create a valid date (current one).

This, for example, leads to an Error in a System Library in C# (ZipStorer), unfortunately. Of course, they should have better error handling and ignore invalid dates. (Using ZipArchive instead of ZipStorer is a solution here)

Still, i think MuseScore shouldn't set invalid dates.
If no date is available, it should give a default valid date (e.g. 01/01/1980 instead of 00/00/1980).
Sample score with invalid date in .mxl download:

(unfortunately i could not find a simpler score with this issue yet)
Most other scores have valid dates in the .mxl.
unzip -v output on the .mxl:

Length   Method    Size  Cmpr    Date    Time   CRC-32   Name
--------  ------  ------- ---- ---------- ----- --------  ----
    145  Defl:N      109  25% 00-00-1980 00:00 b76825c4  META-INF/container.xml
2099134  Defl:N    87092  96% 00-00-1980 00:00 80183128  score.xml
--------          -------  ---                            -------
2099279            87201  96%                            2 files

I initially posted this on the forums:

Thanks for your attention.

Technical Question about the site's CSS

Hey. I'm working on a 'nightmode' style sheet for I'm using stylish for this purpose and while it's stil a work in progress, I have some questions about some elements on the website. In particular what contols the left white 'border' in ScoreView (mdl-player .viewerInner?). And mostley where can I find help for such questions, as the forum I belive is concerning the musescore application.
Best wishes. 

Composer / Arranger / Performer Connections

I have an idea for something that can be done at some level just with the existing Groups facility, but I thought I'd get some feedback on whether it makes sense to have more structural support on the site.  Or maybe you can just point me to where this is already happening :-)

The idea is this: there are composers and arrangers who are writing music they want to hear performed by real ensembles, and there are ensembles out there looking for new music to perform.  Why not create a mechanism to connect them?

Obviously, there is a lot of music on this site for people to download and try to play, but not all of it is actually designed for performance.  The instrumentation often doesn't match that of any common ensemble formats, parts are not generated or edited to print reasonably, etc.  That's not a bad thing, but it does make this music not that well suited for ensembles looking for print-ready music.  So just finding the music actually designed for live performance is a challenge.

Also, there is no straightforward way to search the site for music of a particular ensemble type (string quartet, jazz big band, SATB choir, etc).  I mean, if I want string quartet music, I can filter on scores of 4 instruments that include violin, viola, and cello, and that does OK, but this isn't really a viable way to search for other common ensemble formats.  I see on the left sidebar of the Community page there is "Orchestra" and "Band" under "Styles and Categories", but that's about it.  If I want brass quintet, the best I can do is try to find a matching a group using the site search facility.  But maybe there aren't any good matches, or there is a group but it mostly dead, or there are multiple competing groups.  And in any case, many of the scores do not have formatted parts available, so they really aren't suited for musicians looking for music to perform.

So what I'm wanting to see is something like a set of moderated groups for specific ensemble formats, organized on the left sidebar of the Community page in the same way we have Styles & Categories.  Moderation would be to ensure that music added to the group actually fits the ensemble format and has print-ready parts.  I can certainly just create some groups and hope for the best, but I do think this sort of site support would be helpful.

My goal is to provide a place for ensemble musical directors (I'm one of those!) to find suitable music more easily, and also provide ways for the creators on this site (I'm one of those, too!) to get their music performed.  Hopefully, also some incentive for people to start thinking along those lines and going out of their way to write for these types of ensembles.