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Piano cover of "Calm Before The Storm" from Final Fantasy X; what do you think?


This is, with "At Zanarkand", one of my all-time favourite compositions of Nobuo Uematsu. Unlike "At Zanarkand", though, this is not a piano only piece (which is my instrument) but a multi instrumental piece.

Note that it covers only the "rhythmic" (?) 12-string guitar and melody; the bass, the other 12-string guitar and the bass are not covered by it.

I believe it is pretty accurate, but I may have made mistakes so feel free to point them out! Also, any potential improvement to the sheet is welcome.

Zelda's Wish (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

hello everyone!

I just completed the "Captured Memories" mission last night.

There's a slow and short theme music by piano at the after video.

After search for a while, I got the name finally.

It's called "Zelda's Wish" in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild OST.

it is only 39 sec. long.

Wonder if anyone here could arrange and share this short piece sheet PLEASE.


Video (music start form 03:00)

Embedded iframe with YouTube recording fails in some web browsers: FIXED?

This is a problem which has existed for quite a while, and it would be good to sort it out definitively.

Many of us use the "Share" option to embed an HTML "iframe" of the MuseScore player in our own website. It's really useful for making practice files for choral societies and church choirs.

With a MuseScore file that creates its own playback, it usually doesn't matter which web browser you use: it plays normally.  But if the score is sync'd to a performance recording on YouTube as the default sound source, then the playback doesn't work on all web browsers. 

Here is the result of a test of various browsers which I ran today:
-  Chrome 73.0.3683.75  = broken
-  Edge 42.17134.1.0 = broken
-  Firefox 65.0.2 = plays ok
-  Internet Explorer 11.648.17134.0 = plays ok
-  Opera 58.0.3135.107 = plays ok
-  Vivaldi 2.3.1440.60 = plays ok

You can run the test yourself on my HTML page, where the SATB player is linked to a YouTube performance by Birmingham Conservatoire Chamber Choir:

Can some one explain the musescore behavior on ligatures

Hi! I'm a novice in musical notation and saxophone playing. I've been practicing alto sax for 2.5 years and suddenly I realized that musescore performs different the ligature notation. I was told that when is an arc above 2 or more notes should be played as one of the total length of the notes if they are the same or as an expresion if they are different. What I've seen in musescore is that in partitures played on my computer the arc above the several ocurrences of the same note are played individually. Is that wright or there is a bug in my system ...

I'm using windows 10

I hope I´ve been clear enough, thanks