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Anyone here in the NYC area - need help with midi to sheet music

Hi ,
Anyone here in the NYC area, who can help me?  I need help.  I wrote the score for a musical and need to get it to sheet music asap. I wrote the lyrics and music as bar chords that I know how to read and play.  I have my keyboard, a Yamaha PSR-540 hooked up to my laptop with a midi to usb, but so far, when I play the keyboard, musescore is not adding the notes, not recognizing the midi.  Essentially, I need tomsone to help me, someone who has musescore and a midi keyboard, who can show me how to record to sheet music.  11 songs.  You can see the website for the musical here:  / text me: 347-557-5487 / If you can do this for free, or for lunch, let me know.  If you need to be paid, please send me your rates.  Need this asap.  

Help in advancement..

Hello everyone, my name is Hubert, and I'm a beginner composer and arranger. I work with musescore for a long time, and i know how to use it. I'm writing this post in order to ask you for advice regarding my last composition, as a beginner I would like to receive some constructive criticism from you so that I can develop further as a composer.

Here is the link to my last composition, thank you in advance for any help ;)

Feedback on my newest work-in-progress?

Hello! I'm a self-taught composer, and this is my second full piece (I've written things like character themes for friends that I don't count as full pieces) and, although I've been working on it throughout the summer, I'm still unhappy with it. I'm looking for critiques and tips on how I can improve this piece.