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On-screen Keyboard Synchronization Issues

Some time ago (I can't remember when - I don't suppose a discussion search feature is in the works?), I posted about the on-screen keyboard (accessible now via the two-eighth-notes icon on the score page) experiencing synchronization issues around tempo changes.

The synchronization issues are still a problem. Those same issues are not present in the Piano Roll feature, however, as is evidenced when you bring up both Piano Roll *and* the on-screen keyboard for the same score - the result being, the two features end up out of sync.

Example score: (tempo changes occur in last five measures)

Search bar is broken

so i searched a couple things:
my own name
and some of my songs.

On my own name searched other people's stuff pop up too (Not saying I don't like those songs just if someone searches my name I feel like my stuff should be on the top, not someone elses, especially since my username is so unique). 

I also searched for my second released song "I Am With You" and there were no songs in the search bar actually title "I Am With You" for the first seven pieces. Then my piece showed up.

New group for posting status and product updates (new chat restrictions also mentioned below)


Today we’ve created a new group (in fact, changed the old one), specifically for announcing new product updates or current statuses if something happens.

We’d like to separate MuseScorer's suggestions/discussions about the future of Musescore and the information about our product releases. I think it will be more helpful for us and for users.

The "MuseScore Updates and Statuses" group is available here:  
Join it to be informed about all changes on the platform. 

P.S. Today we’ve limited personal messages for new users. Full information can be found in the top post in the group.

musescore pro

Musescore's customer support is horrendous. I have tried sending multiple emails which have all been ignored, and Musescore pro charges in annual $49 payments? I have tried to cancel my trial subscription after settling on a different website for transcription, and when that didn't go through, I was charged. I am a high school student and I am trying to dispute this, but Musescore's complete disregard for their customer base is disappointing for such an excellent website.

Potential spam?

I receive a private message just now:

"Hi my dear friend.
how are you?i hope fine. you have a nice profile here which interest me,i am very much interested to be your friend i don't chat here on always to enable direct communication between us, ..."

Anyone else receiving this from someone? BTW I just blocked the sender but I want to check if I am the only one.