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Tag results empty

There are entries with the same tag that yield no result when clicked - here are a few examples (I suspect there are more):

I don't count ones like this because of the casing (it opens a can of worms to do with typography - e.g. multiple kinds of apostrophes), nor my own one (it wouldn't appear in normal search anyway - I have to use the function in 'My Scores', which is fine).

Synthesiser sounds bad

1. Open score.
2. Enable Synthesiser.
3. Play.

Result: Aside from the custom soundfont not playing (fallback solution in desktop software? Also for the sake of apps) and the volume not matching the score, there is distortion and repetition from around bar 3 (sounds awful).

Note: Similar story with this (default soundfont) - it stutters and gets stuck on notes.

What’s your favorite Radiohead song?

I like so many lol.
(This is just in a random Order)

The Daily Mail
Sail to the Moon
Everything in its Right Place
Morning Mr. Magpie
Let Down
Karma Police
No Surprises
Burn the Witch
Decks Dark
True Love Waits
The Amazing Sounds of Orgy
The Numbers
Desert Island Disk
Like Spinning Plates
Life in a Glasshouse 
Dollars & Cents
There, There
A Punch Up at a Wedding 
The Gloaming 
4 Minute Warning 
Little by Little 
Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Begger Man Thief
Glass Eyes
Give Up the Ghost
15 Step
All I Need
Weird Fishes / Arpeggi
Bangers + Mash
2 + 2 = 5
In Limbo
Kid A
How to Disappear Completely
The National Anthem
Morning Bell
Motion Picture Soundtrack
Fake Plastic Trees
Street Spirit (Fade Out)
My Iron Lung
Planet Telex
The Bends
High and Dry
Packt Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box
Pyramid Song
I Might Be Wrong
Knives Out
These Are My Twisted Words

And many more. I love all their songs lol.

Sonata in progress, want feedback

I am recomposing my third piano sonata. I lost it when my dad's old computer died. So far, I have the introduction composed with a simple scalar octave figure in the right hand and the melody in the bass. I have an accelerando as well as the average note length getting faster to build up tension. That sudden forte chord is on purpose. Not just for sudden dynamic changes but also to give a sense of release after the lengthy, accelerating, piano passage.

I am dedicating this sonata to Ludwig Van Beethoven, so it makes sense to borrow Beethoven's techniques like the sudden dynamics. I would like some feedback on this introduction. Here's the link:

What do you think of it?

Change Requests

 I'm loving MDL so far; it's everything I've wanted out of Musescore percussion, and more. However, there were a few minor things that I've noticed missing that might make for nice additions.
First off, bass drum shots would be nice. Most lines use rim shots (in addition to clicks) on at least first and second bass, so notation for shots vs. rim clicks on basses might come in handy.
Secondly, a hand mute for Drums 3 and 4 on the tenors would make a nice addition, since skanks (shot on 3rd or 4th followed immediately by mute) are fairly common.
And finally, let me say that I know that Muse is a notation software and not a playback software, so this one might be asking too much: it might be nice to have zone changes (specifically on snare) in playback in the future, just to enhance the difference between guts/halfway/center/etc.
Thanks for reading!