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Unfixed Piano Roll issues

So I posted two separate issues with the piano roll feature (the first one was fixed within a week but the second one has yet to be fixed even though I was told they were aware and would look into it). The Piano Roll seems to breeze through section breaks when you put them into scores. That's all lol (just wanted to post a reminder discussion)

Example here:

Looking for feedback

Title says it all, I'm a beginner in both piano and composition (been playing for about 4 months and this is my first piece) and looking for a bit of feedback. I'll appreciate any and all forms of feedback. Thank you.
Also I have no idea how to actually upload my own score, if someone could explain that I'd appreciate it lol

bugs for ipad/iphone apps


 I am  re-posting my bug report and recommendations as per reply to bug report mail. Please help me to solve the problems I met.

1- I can not copy any more any score from any source to songbook except iTunes interface, neither from google drive nor from mail etc

2-My tools on the songbook is not functional, i.e. i can not start metronome, or volume settings, pop up window is empty

3- File system is working terrible (sorry) i can not find the scores in the songbook, neither search function is working, it is annoying every time resorting in minutes and resulting nothing, multiplying the scores on the list, if you go (scroll) down after certain number of files (mine 200 for example) program stop working and automatically closed. In my opinion, file operations need redesign radically and completely, ideas OK but not working.

Shortly ; I can not use my files on the iPad (iPad 4 with latest applicable IOS 10.3.3), and i can not create or edit file either.

4- Transpose and concert (pitch) option is not available and should be provided

5- I tried many times uninstall-reinstall processes to clear these bugs and have updates, with hoping more reliability.

6- Newest version of windows PC looks like OK for the time being, but i can not use created files on the iPad songbook and needs to carry PC with me to use them, i mean it seems no mobility is available. It is big problem to me.

7- I am facing with same problems on my iPhone X, with latest IOS, either.

Many thanks...