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MuseScore's Dishonest Advertising

I have a huge issue with the way MuseScore has been presenting their sales as of late, and though I'm sure that this has been discussed plenty of times before, I'd like to put my own two cents in. Let's talk about the Black Friday and New Year's sales. Around the the time of each of these events, MuseScore placed a banner for 60% and 50% off, respectively, of a one-year Pro subscription at the top of nearly every page on the site. Now one would expect that there would be an offer of one year of Pro for $19.60 during the Black Friday sale and $24.50 during the New Year's sale based on the standard price of $49 for one year of Pro. However, rather than using their typical full price, MuseScore raised the standard price of a one-year Pro subscription to $83.88 specifically for these events in order to create the illusion of a better deal. However, these adjusted sale prices ($33.55 and $41.94) were actually only marked down by approximately 31.5% and 14.4% from the $49 original, which is starkly lower than the advertised 60% and 50%. I frankly don't find an awful lot wrong with the prices themselves, as I understand that a company has to bring in a substantial revenue in order to remain in business, but the morality of the advertising is questionable at best. Since this is ultimately a group for suggesting ways in which MuseScore as a whole could be improved, I'd like to offer a simple solution to this entire ordeal: advertise honestly. This platform has so many great things about it, but that stunt left a sour taste in my mouth, and I'm positive that the same is true for many other users. After all, it certainly doesn't help your image if your own userbase is skeptical of your company's market practices.

New Pages not Added?

Hi, I am new to MuseScore, so please forgive me if the answer for this is obvious.  I have been having trouble adding pages.  I did some reading on the forums here and know that there isn't an "add page" option anywhere, and that by adding measures to the end of my score should automatically add another page and the additional measures would just cascade on the following page.  However, that is not working for some reason.

I selected the last measure and navigated to ADD —>  MEASURES —> APPEND MEASURES and added and additional 12 measures.  But what happened is that all 12 additional measures squeezed into the last line with the other measures and did not create another page.  

I tried looking at the MEASURE PROPERTIES and the STAFF PROPERTIES to see if there was any setting that enabled the auto page generation, but there was not.

I want to avoid having to create a new document for each page, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Note entry needs a triplet selector

I don't see how to include pictures here, or I would show you. Stay with the long description. This was a feature of a notation program that I had in 1986 on an Atari computer! (yeah, I'm *that* old)

Why not include a special "duple-triple" selector in note entry? Entering music that shifts from regular duple (eighth notes) to triplet (eighth note triplet) should be as easy as shifting from eighth note to quarter note. The current tuplet system is more awkward than it should be.

You would click on the added button to change modes.  The appearance of the button will change depending on the mode. When duple (this is how it is now) it would show two eighth notes beamed. When in triple mode it would show three eighth notes beamed. In triple mode, if you select eighth note and enter a note, it would start an eighth-note-triplet to cover one quarter note. In duple mode, the eighth note would be just as it is now. Triplet mode quarter note will start a quarter-note-triplet that covers two beats.

This is not a replacement for the current tuplet system. I only want to enhance note entry. This enhancement would make it easier to enter triplets. Other tuplets would be done with the current setup.

MuseScore Android 2.2.0


When I open a song from a file manager, the transpose screen is opened from the gear icon.
It  was MUCH better in old MuseScore Songbook, that transposing was only  one click away and that the score stayed visible while transposing.

When I open a song from "Songbook" I can`t find the transpose window any more.

When  I open a song (offline) from "Songbook" and use the back arrow top left  sometimes the screen is almost completely black and MuseScore doesn`t  work any more, see attached screenshot.
The same actions sometimes work correctly.
This is an old bug that I reported already.

I have found an error in MuseScore.
App Info: com.musescore.playerlite 2.2.0 (1895)
Device Info: Android, 4.4.2, acer, A1-830)
Pro User: true
Username: SqueezeBoxer
First time install: 2018-08-28 

Top Users with 0 scores?

So I was browsing around on the community page and i started to notice something wierd.
Some of the "top users" have 0 scores..... 
I know the thing gets based on different aspects (Commeting, Attributing to groups, etc.) but it's a bit wierd seeing someone with 0 scores on the first 10 pages of a site thats made to share scores and music.....
Maybe splitting the list into top Commenters and Top Uploaders (Or something else) so it doesn't seem that wierd? 
would love to hear anyone elses opinion on this matter :)