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I was just wondering the possibility of this ever happening. A year's worth of Pro membership for $50. My parents have discussed getting me one for Xmas before, but they couldn't figure out how to do it without signing their credit card away.

I would also use this instead of entering my own credit card info for security reasons (This is what I do with iTunes so that my credit card is not at all connected).

I also have considered holding contests on the site and a year of Pro would be the prize, but I certainly don't want to give a stranger my credit card information for them to sign up.

So I'm wondering the feasibility of gift cards. (Alternatively PayPal?)

Void Klef

My friend and I started a two man band named Void Klef (I know it's cringe), and we would like for someone to listen to our music. The piece I'm going to link is called "Wither". It's the type of song that you would put on in the background doing whatever. At the beginning of the track there's one minute of whack sounds; the song portion doesn't start until 1:00. Anyway, I've said enough, here it is:

And here's our soundcloud (we only have two songs as of 3/20/19)

Changing Noteheads

Hello all, 

I realize that there is a web page that does address changing note heads. Unfortunately for some reason MuseScore is not allowing me to change that at all. The part that I am trying to change it for is for a drum set part. I am using the latest version (as of 3-20-19) of MuseScore, 3.05.

Additionally I would like to be able to change some of the note heads permanently. Specifically have "side stick" be called "cross stick" and change the note head with one that has circle around the notehead. Then I would have the "rim shot" with the cross note head.