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AKAI keyboard not being recognised

Hi, I decided to get a keyboard (AKAI LPK25) as am hoping it will speed things up. Reading up on it it appeared to be compatible with MuseScore and my PC software (I'm running Windows 8.1). It says no driver is needed and I've loaded the editor software but can't see the keyboard as an option on the I/0 tab, there is nothing at all on the dropdown for MIDI Input.  Port Audio is ticked.  Anyone else had problems with this?  

Hello, Yet Again

Sorry to have kept you waiting. Now I use FL20 instead of MuseScore for my musical work. It's a good feeling to rejoice. In case you're wondering wherever I was, I'm still at home and finally, I'm back!
Right about now, I've improved on my musical knowledge skills. Ask me if you're doubtful on your work.


MDL Notation Guide

Hey everyone, getting ready to release MDL 1.1 and as part of this have put together the first part of an Official Notation Guide.

It can be found here -

This will be followed up with tutorials that explain in more detail the best practices for marching percussion notation.

Tip: If you do not use the MDL templates, be sure to change the musical symbol font to Bravura (Style > General > Score). MDL is ONLY supported in Bravura.

Last Call for MDL 1.1 Suggestions

I'm working on the MDL 1.1 update that I'm trying to get out ASAP.

Curious to see any requests that I might be able to sneak in.

Currently in are:

- Increased volume of all instruments and articulation
- Refined notation standard (a few minor improvements - will release with notation guide)
- Improved templates
- Evened out hits a bit across all instruments/articulations (this will be an ongoing effort)
- Fixed issue with adding accents or articulations to buzz/crush/roll

Cymbals and show style tenors are currently placeholder and will be addressed in a future update. Will be recording new samples (only instruments without custom samples).

The plan is to update MDL moving forward on a regular schedule. After 1.1.0 we should plan to update every weekly for the time being.

So, any urgent requests for 1.1?

Possibility for automatic restritctions to scores posted in groups

As of now it is up to the owners and admins to remove unwanted scores from groups. How about if it was possible to implement some automatic restrictions to scores posted in to groups? For example if a group was about piano music, only scores with a piano in them could be posted to that group or if a group was about solo violin, no other than solo violin works could be posted there etc. Most of the groups here have become general score posting groups with the original purpose of the group buried in a mountain of unrelevant scores.

Quick note concerning mobile apps

Hi everyone!

Sorry, that's a bit "offtop", but writing here to draw attention of our mobile app users.

Every day we are receiving e-mails with something like "I can't open a file stored on my device with MuseScore app/view my downloaded offline". But, in fact, that function is available, but only in paid version of the app. So, I decided to make a quick note to clear things out, here it is: 

And one more thing - to make scores, you need to download MuseScore notation software at

MuseScore Mobile apps are for viewing and playing scores, not creating and editing them.

Adding another staff

Is it possible to add a new staff to an already existing score? I have a piano /vocal score completed but I'd like to add a separate string line to the last few measures.I've tried to add it as a guide cue line in the piano part using another voice and reducing the size of the notes but it's still  too cluttered. Thanks.

Trouble playing individual parts since installing MuseScore 2.3.1

Anyone else having trouble playing the individual parts since upgrading Musescore?  I've been revising and playing scores for months with no trouble.  Now, however, when I try to adjust the volumes on the individual parts, I get a message saying "The instruments is (sic) only available for scores made with MuseScore 2."  Darn it, they WERE made with MuseScore 2.3.1.  Do they mean me to go back to the old version?  I've tried downloading and reinstalling MuseScore 2 twice, but that doesn't help.  Any ideas?