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Switch to the direct method of updating an online score : Does not work anymore

Hi! For the scores originally uploaded via the Upload page this very useful method described here  :   does not work anymore.
And since it is also impossible at this time to update a score via "Update this score" on the site there is actually no way to update a score originally uploaded to the site by the Upload page

Bug: Single line staff not showing cursor in online player

A few months ago, I submitted a bug report describing how the musescore player does not show a play cursor when playing a single-line staff--a critical bug for percussion scores.  Yet, it still hasn't been resolved. I suggested that this bug was likely related to another bug in the desktop application, "Bug: Horizontal frame too narrow to see with one-line staff" (

Example online score where no cursor visible during playback:

Thanks for looking into the matter,

[New Feature] The new form makes it possible to upload Public domain works.

As many of you know, we’ve been recently forced to revise our policy and restrict printing and downloading for basic accounts. Today we’d like to present a new update aimed at making it possible to download Public Domain scores.

What’s Public Domain?
Public Domain is the status of the work whose copyrights have expired and which is now available for download royalty free.
In the basic sense, all works published before 1923 are in the Public Domain, but in fact the status of particular works vary according to the country. Here is the link to the wiki page to learn more about Public Domain.
Music has existed for thousands of years and humanity has created tens of thousands of masterpieces We, like many of our users, would like these works to be distributed as freely as possible.

New Uploading form
We’ve changed the uploading and editing form of scores. Apart from standard fields to fill out, there’s now a new section called “Type of Composition”. In this section, users can mention what work exactly their scores are related to. The options are public domain, original composition or non-public domain.

In case you choose Public Domain, you’ll need to enter the name of the work your score is related to. After it’s been automatically checked, your scores will be available for unrestricted download.

Removing limits to download Public Domain scores
In the nearest future downloading and printing of Public Domain scores won’t be affected by the limits set for basic accounts. We believe it’s not right that users who create quality content have to pay to upload it. This is the first step towards resolving the issue.

Our further plans
- One of our next top priorities is to let original composers manage the downloading feature.
- We will mark up the existing sheet music library according to the Public Domain / Non Public Domain scores. We might need our Community help in this matter.

To sum up
This is a completely new functionality for Musescore, as we’re applying the system to check PD/nonPD compositions for the first time. We can’t exclude the possibility of you finding bugs in the way new algorithms work. Please, don’t hesitate to let us know about any possible issues.
Last but not least, I’d like to point out how grateful we are to our Community for all the support and understanding in this situation. We believe that actions speak louder than words and we’ll prove how important it is to us. We’ll continue to work on spreading and sharing music, and of course, taking good care of composers’, arrangers’ and copyright holders’ rights.

Musescore Devs, I have a suggestion.

We all know there has been an influx in musescore related problems in the last few weeks, and I know the devs are tired of seeing these discussions, but here is a solution. I am no programmer, but I know that there are software's that let you test for bugs, BEFORE putting the new update onto the web. Like BSG has said many times, "We pay for this website to work, we are customers, not guests".  For the last months I have defended the musescore developers, but now this is outright affecting people using the website on mass. The copyright process, the broken links, the new update system, and of course, the pumpkins.

Musescore, please test your website on either a private test site or on a software before you upload it here. Maybe give the link to a few beta testers, or put it here on this discussion board. That way, we can test the new features and give our opinions on them. It is just a though, but I hope you will consider.

Greetings, I share the present creative work entitled DiatoCrom, the result of an exercise in composition, where the purpose is to harmonize the intervals of chromatism, which produce tensions on the scales of the chords when they sing in counterpoint within a tonal system; I applied postonal resources, such as dodecaphonism or serialism in part of the musical discourse.


Thanks to all the new members for joining our banana party. There seem to be quite a few 'banana' composers here at musescore, whether ithe music is about the fruit banana or banana fish or banana fairies or whatever or if the music is just plain banana silly. Post your music, tell your friends. I even heard that some higher up in the government was thinking of joining since they have lots of experience in being completely bananas.