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First time adding notes.

in Piano

Hi all, I was not able to figure out how to share a picture of the notes that I cant add into musescore. So here is a picture of the notes with TWO red arrows. The picture is public, so you dont have to have facebook to add it.

If thats not enough, i cant make a video.

Please help me!
I want to learn to play piano by using MuseScore :)

Printing lettered notehead problems

in Piano

I can't seem to be able to print lettered noteheads legibly on an A4 page. It shows 150% which makes it legible on my laptop....but once printed on an A4 page (has to be A4).... you can't read the lettered noteheads at all. I'm a piano improvisation teacher and really need this facility. Any ideas on how to print on A4 page legible noteheads?

Suggestion for an easy Piano duet

in Piano

Hello guys !
I started to play piano near a year ago and someone recently introduced me piano duet and I found it very cool !
I'm looking for something that can be learned very easily by the second player, like in 5 minutes, even if he never tried piano before. It could make funny times with friends or even strangers !
A good example of what I'm looking for is shape of you from Sheran :

I just let my mate starts and I follow him with harder stuffs
Why I just don't take this one you could ask me ?
I don't feel confortable with this one, he is singing too fast hehe
So if you have something else it would be nice !
If you wanna check my skill, i know 3 songs for now
Fur Elise (not doing the 2 hard parts perfectly but I'm close)
Midna's Lament (need to work the end)
Moonlight Sonata (need to work the last minut too, just ended it yesterday)
Like 30s of Hit the road jack 

YCOO - very badly needing English Horns, Violas and Double Basses!!!

Hello everyone.
You may already heard about us. We're the Young Composers' Online Orchestra ("YCOO"). Recently, we've started a new project - we're gonna play Elliot Butler's Drama for Orchestra No. 6.

In the process of preparing the parts for our members, we found out that we don't have any English Horns, Violas and Double Basses!

If you can play one (or more :P) of those instruments, please consider joining us either forever, or for the current project only. You could save a LOT of effort and hope we're all giving in our orchestra.

Have a great day,
Milan Steklý, moderator of the YCOO