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User experience improvement


your app-version of musescore is awesome. But there are two small features that are missing which would be such a huge user experience improvement:

1. Remembering the zoom level
Things like tempo and muting instruments are saved, but not the zoom level. It really sucks to zoom in a few times on every small practice session.

2. Prescrolling the notes
When all notes displayed are played, the next pages appears. But in that moment you don't know what to play, because you simply can't see it. You can't play a piece completely without interruptions. Just scroll a bit when you are half way trough the notes currently displayed or something like that.

If these two things get implemented, i'll be premium member for years... guaranteed! :)

Thanks for listening and keep up the great work.

Is Modern Monetary Theory valid at all?

In a nutshell, MMT claims that "a government does not need to maintain fiscal balance because it can print money to cover its debt. And deficit is considered absolutely necessary if the government wants to keep the private sector growing."

It's quite technical but it's a hot debate topic now. Many Democratic candidates uphold this theory to cover their spending plan. Quite a few renowned professors in economics endorse it, some claiming it being self-evident.

If you are for MMT, specifically explain why we could miraculously afford things that are unaffordable under the current orthodox monetary framework.

If you are against MMT, specifically predict what will go wrong (MMT already has a defense against argument of uncontrollable inflation, please Google)

What's your view?

I hope you'll learn something new about finance and economics while participating :)

Jaybird is really starting to look suspicious

He jumped from 11th to 7th from yesterday to today and didn't really spam that much as far as I can see. Idk how, but I just don't trust that that's legit

Also, I was spamming in a random discussion a few days ago for fun (and he was aswell) and he posted 3 messages in the time it took me to post 1 (consistently). wtf is that. I asked him how he does that and he never responded

Oh and his personality just seems really fake to me so there's that

how paranoid am I haha

Transitioning from single to double horn

Hey guys, I'm a trumpet player who was also a self-taught horn player for a year. I haven't played in a while but I'm thinking of picking it up again. I know most beginners start off with a single F horn, and that's the route I plan on taking. For those of you who have switched from single to double F/Bb horn, was it difficult in terms of learning the new fingerings? I know they are very different, does anyone have any way to learn the new fingerings quickly? Thanks!

How to have different timings in the left and right hands


I'm trying to transcribe a measure in Chopin's Op 64 No 1 Waltz.  The timing for the piece is 3/4, however there is a measure that has 4 quarter notes in the right hand.  I've been able to get MuseScore to show it by creating a custom tempo for that measure, but there is an invisiable rest, and I can't get the spacing right in the left hand.  

See the link below for a picture.

Thank you your help!