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To the internet,

I am thinking of starting a channel can anyone make me a into score?

it is simulation/gaming/budget/i will listen to comments

it will be layed back and family friendly

if i use your score you will get mentions and if i do credits a spot in them

many thanks

P.S excuse my grammar

May We Introduce an Option to Choose the Key Instead of Just the Key Signature?

When you create a song, you can choose the key signature. When you publish the song and you see the description, it just tells you the amount of sharps or flats. I would like it if the composer of the song can be able to display the key (Major/Minor/Chromatic/Pentatonic/...), instead of just the signature. It would not only be more information, but it might help one to play the song. What do you think? 
In addition, it will also be helpful to have all the keys of the song displayed in the description instead of just the starting key. That way, the audience would know if it transposes to another key. 
In "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy," it just says 1 sharp. Wouldn't it be better to say e minor instead?
Also, if you choose the open/atonal key signature, it displays in the description as natural. I think it should say "atonal"

URGENT Send MuseScore to YouTube issues

Dear MuseScore developer team—

I am a pro member.

Despite numerous attempts to have developers resolve issues involving the send MuseScore to YouTube function on this forum, the issues remain unresolved

1. (URGENT) Lyrics with multiple verses are rendered illegible due to line spacing

2. Titles with CJK titles over a certain length are cut off and rendered illegible

3. Copy and Pasting tags delimited by commas on’s ‘Send MuseScore to YouTube’ page fails to produce comma delimited tags — just one single tag.

There are no workarounds to these issues or alternatives and I hope it is resolved. Thank you so much!

How to update a score in the mobile?

I have a private score which is a work-in-progress, I have uploaded it to my scores on and updated it a few times using the site -- this works well.

The problem I'm having now is that I opened the first version of the score using the Android app, and now I can't get the new versions I've uploaded to the site in my phone: it always plays the older version that it downloaded the first time.

Is there a way of solving this problem without reinstalling the Android app ?

Thank you!