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Receiving warning: "songbook has stopped"

I am part of a choir of 30 people to whom I had installed songbook, and distribute them our scores.
Unfortunately on most of their android smartphones I often get that warning - like as if their operating system is unable to complete the loading of a new .MSCZ song you just downloaded.
Precisely It shows me the logo page, then after some 15 seconds it comes the files page that shows only partially somewhat 60 % of screen on the upper left corner is visible and then comes the notification "Songbook stopped".

Do you have any suggestions for me on what to check on smartphones to make sure that songbook don't ceases to function by loading a new song?

Thank You

URLs with actual name of composer and score, rather than number string

I've seen many scores with URLs in the format "[Composer]/[Composition]." Probably the most famous example of this is

But others are in the format "[123456]/scores/[123456]".

I know how to make a "nice" URL for a group, but where do I go to do it for my scores?

Future improvements re cut and paste

I am not sure about others, but I use cut and past A LOT!
One of the problems I have when I paste a full measure is: If there are dynamics, or pedal or hairpins, or Fret diagrams in a measure, when I paste into it they are NOT erased prior to the paste.

This means that if the measure I am pasting has any of there marks they are superimposed on the existing marks. Thus I end up with, for example, pp on top of mf or a C fret chord superimposed on a D fret chord or multiple hairpins etc etc...

This is annoying, and I would like to see some consideration given to altering this. Of course, the notes change as they are erased before the paste, so that is NOT an issue. My current strategy is to make sure I delete the content of the bar before I paste, but it is annoying to have to take extra steps.

Is there a reason for the retention of these marks when pasting?

No more app?

I had previously gotten the app and it was free, recently I needed some storage space so I deleted the app (not really the best idea, it's not the biggest app in the world...). However, when I attempted to redownload the app from iTunes, it no longer showed up as purchased. Normally if you "purchase" a free app and it gains a price tag it still registered as a purchased app.
Do I no longer have the ability to get the app for free anymore? It was a wonderful app and I'm just a little disappointed that I may have to pay for it now.

Possible feature in score setup?

Hi, I've been wondering for a while if it would be at all possible to have it in the score setup thingy thing when you add an instrument or under instruments tab, if you could set it so when you add the instrument to directly under the one you currently have selected. Sometimes when I make larger scores and forget an instrument that goes way up at the top of the score it makes it a huge pain to get all the way back up. It is a minor inconvenience but an inconvenience nonetheless. I hope you consider

Writing & Transposing Horn Parts

Hi, I'm new to using this or any other type of scoring/chart application, but not to writing music. It's just been some years and I need a "Jump Start" in getting back into writing for horns, especially saxophones, trumpet, and "Bone". I have been tasked to bring together high school alumni band members (after 40yrs) to play some funk band numbers at our annual reunion in July. I really need help in preparing these guys who asked me to write the parts for them in that they were afraid that they would not be able to memorize their parts.

So, the following songs are:
1. "Holy Ghost" by the BarKays
2. "Fun, Fun, Fun" by Con Funk Shun
3. "Free" by Deniece Williams
4. "Jamaica Funk" by Tom Browne/Tony Smith
5. "Early In The Morning" by The Gap Band
6. "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson (Bruno Mars)

If there are parts available or if someone would be willing to assist, I'd be willing to pay for your service in that my time is full with gigs and other obligations. If interested in helping either way, getting me started in the right direction or writing the charts, please contact me at



I really don't know how this process works, for permission who do you ask? The publishers or the band that made it because why would the publishers assume control of the copyright? Also if it's not an original copy how does that apply? Lastly how do you copy someone without intending to in any way shape or form. Was it something in my crediting claim for the song Careless Whisper because apparently there were two authors one of which I didn't credit because I didn't know they made it.


There is several issues with the playback on scores including but limited to
random freezing of sound when score keeps scrolling, the overlaping of sound when trying to skip ahead(the score keeps playing from that point but also starts again from the beinging) and the fact that the scroll goes to slow or even start 20 MEASURES from where the play back it at. Please patch this!