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Is there an alternative app?

I really liked the old songbook app, but this new app is unusable it:
- can't open files from file explorer, when app doesn't run in background
- has visual glitches in the file list when changing from landscape to portrait
- has problems with zooming, or should I say it doesn't work at all
- transposing changes how the file is displayed
- changing volume of instruments uses the complete hight of the screen, even when there is only one instrument present.

I don't need all this online nonsense because it is mainly used in an offline enviroment. All I need the app to do:
- open the files properly (even when the App is closed!!!)
- let me transpose
- let me zoom in and out
- show the files like they were written in MuseScore and display it as page
- let me export as PDF including transpositions
- change background color including a night mode
- edit tabs (if possible, would be a nice to have)

The app doesn't have to be free to use all features, but should work stable and do the job!

What markup standard(s) / tags are used by website?

UPDATE: I've learned that the markup language is BBCode. Still not sure what is and isn't supported, but that's a start.

I've searched the "help" and FAQ sections of, and haven't been able to find any info on what markup tags are available for use in the website. It's easy enough to reverse-engineer the five tags offered in the regular editing interface (bold, italics, underline, quote, "@" mention), but I know, for example, that urls can be tagged with bracketed 'u' and 'url' tags, and I can't find information on the website that would have explained that to me. 

Are there other tags beyond the 6 I'm aware of? And are they documented somewhere, or does the website use a common standard? It doesn't seem to be html or markdown, which are the only two that I have (limited) knowledge of.



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A Problem With Uploading Scores to Groups

For whatever reason my scores keep getting removed from the groups I post them in. I know this is not the group admins for two reasons.

1) I am always very particular about posting the correct scores in the right groups. My my piano scores are almost immediately removed from piano related groups stuff like that. At first I thought that maybe it was my fault or an admin's mistake that my scores were removed, but I quickly realized after half of my scores were removed from groups for no reason. Certainly if group admin were removing my scores they would tell me why, especially after I keep reposting the score to the group. 

2) My scores are removed from my own groups. Most of my scores were removed from my own group Compose for Fun. I am the group's only admin and have never removed scores from the group.

I don't know why this is happening, but it would certainly save me a lot of trouble if it were fixed. I was also wondering if anyone else was having this same issue.

Space between staves. No "apply" button.


Dear musescore lovers,

I have a problem to change the space between staves in my Musescore 3. Read many discussions on the website, but none helps.
I have three buttons there:

"Ok". when I press nothing changes
"apply to all parts" (gray - cannot press it).
And I have no "apply" button. I reinstalled the program, but didnt help.

What can I try?



Create a Book?

Is there a way to combine multiple scores into one document such that I can create one PDF to upload for printing as a book?

I think I can copy and past them all into one large MS document and convert that, but I think that would involve a lot of manual steps of inserting breaks and frames? Is there a way to merge multiple scores?

If not in Muse Score, is there a way to merge the PDFs I've created? I've found a number of sites online that claim to do that quickly and easily for free, but so far every one of them lets me upload multiple PDFs and then asks for money, despite saying they were free.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.

PDF Conversion

I've used a PDF converter on the Musescore website before, but I can't find it anymore. The converter worked moderately well, and I hope that if it is removed that it will be back soon. If not, does anyone know where else I could go to convert PDF's into more useful forms for editing, etc?

Issue with Send to YouTube Video

Folks, when using the "Send to YouTube" feature, if no .mp3 file is chosen, then the size limit of 8min is not enforced (which allows me to create longer videos in YouTube -- tested with 16min+ video). However, when selecting a .mp3 of ~8min or greater, the web page turns all white (no progress bar) and no video is sent. Is there a reason that the "Send to YouTube" should have this strange limit when sending .mp3's?