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Custom noteheads (symbols) do not show in iOS app


I have created a drums score which incorporates pictograms of the different elements as noteheads (this is for a child with autism who needs explicit visual cues).  I have added those symbols (from bitmap pictures) to my custom palette and pasted them over the original noteheads, which I've turned invisible.
While this works fine in the desktop app and on the website, the  symbols do not show in the iOS app that the child uses on his iPad —  only the stems.

Screenshots are available here :

Is there anything that can be done about that ?

Thanks in advance.

Transpose 1 octave

Now at the max I can transpose notes a septiem at the max. But If I want the choir to sing 1 octave Higher I have to transpose it 1 octave. So I first transpose it 1 Septiem and then again 1 Secunde. Why can't I do it with 1 stroke.

I Know selecting the notes and CTRL Up or DOWN can help with that but then I sometimes get unwanted signes (#, b) 

Image in Template of MuseScore 3 still isn't shown

MuseScore 3 has a lot improvements but I miss one.

In the base Template I use for the our choir I want (and have) to add  the logo of the choir on the first page of the Score.

I added the image tot my template, saved it as mszx and mscz but that didn't make a difference

This did not work in MuseScore 2, and still it does not work in MS3.

I see a lot of people asking for this. Why is it so complicated to use the image that is in the template file when I create a new score with usage of that template.

In th mscx file I se guid.jpg instead off guid I see a actual guid. Then I see where the correct path where the image is stored ithis is the correct path.
But I think the gui of the image that is used in the Source file of the template does not exist in the newscore that is created from the template and therefore it cannot find an image and cannot display it.

Low Note Delay?

 I've noticed that the contrabass clarinet(it should be noted that I've heard people complain about other instruments as well) does not immediately play low notes in sheet music, often playing them a 32nd note or more behind. It's very annoying, and hard to fix. I posted this on the discord a day or two ago and there's been no response so I decided to post this here(by the way you guy get a lot of questions on discord you should keep a better eye on that)