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SongBook don't play and skip some notes

On my smartphone and tablet Huawei (Android), SongBook skip (for exemple) the notes of measure n.16 e some of the 17, in the file MSCZ that i need and search to upload here.
This appens even if the file (created by me with MuseScore on PC) are palyng Ok, and correctly saved with default mixer volume levels  on all the 4  instruments staves.

But I'm don't I' looking commands for uploading nothing here.....

Problems with importing .mscz files with blanks/spaces in name

I recognized problems with importing MuseScore files into the app directly from email. It seemed to get imported but then the app just shows a white screen.

Shutting down the app and restarting it, the Songbook only shows a new entry with a long number but can't actually open it.

By accident I found out that this most probably was caused by blanks/spaces in the file name. When having replaced those by underscores, the import worked as expected.

Could you possibly check if this is actually a bug in the latest IOS version?

Unable to import to MuseScore iOS

After a recent update I'm no longer able to import anything (.mscz files) into the iOS MuseScore App. After one update it removed my entire library I had imported, so I imported a load again. Now I find I can't import anything anymore. This is the same on my iPad as well as my iPhone.

To import, on the Desktop version of MuseScore I type up the music I want & save it into a cloud based location (iCloud Drive) as a .mscz file. I then go to that location on my iPad, tap on the share button & select Copy to MuseScore.
If I do this now, the MuseScore App will flash open, but nothing will happen. When I do this the file should be accessible via Library > SongBook.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? There have been a few more minor updates since, but the issues persists.

If you'd like anymore information regarding this, please let me know.


I'm leaving soon. No set date yet.

Didn't really know when or how to say this, but I'll be going inactive on MuseScore in a few weeks. I have a busy schedule, and MuseScore is a lot to stay caught up with for me. I will not delete my profile because I want other users to listen to my scores. In a few weeks, I will be creating a website (in which the name will be revealed soon) while using another software to make more "scores" that I will post unlimitedly on my website. Once I add the link to my website on my profile, AS WELL AS MY FOLLOWER SHOUT OUT in my follower group as well as RSA (if Rebecca Y allows me to), I won't be on here anymore. I wanna thank all of those who have supported me on here and befriended me. (That's part of why I also wanted to make this group. So I can get to know all of you before I leave and so that I have a couple of things to say for my shout out for you guys). Thanks guys. :D

Smooth Loops

Hi, I am a pianist and a violinist. Now, as you probably know, sometimes people struggle with certain parts of a piece of music. Looping the music is a great solution but there is one problem, the loops aren't smooth! If you make a loop, there will be a short pause between each repetition, which, is makes practicing using the loop very difficult. If you could get rid of that pause (or at least minimize it) to the best of your ability to make it mostly seamless, that would be greatly appreciated by not only me, but many other MuseScore users.
Thank you, Zatchary


Hey All,
I've realized that I'm never one, partly because my cousins keep me moving! (THX, Burggraafs! :D). So I thought I'd select some new admins. I'll only select a few, so let me know ASAP.
15/05/19: I'll only be selecting a few more, so respond ASAP.
17/05/19: I won't be selecting any more. If you totally forgot to reply, please message me and I'll see what I can do! Thank you!!!!

Leo P

I'm going to be honest here. I think Leo P is a good bari player, but the stuff he gets attention for isn't really that impressive. My two year old niece could probably squeak a bari sax, as could anyone; therefore, Leo P shouldn't be getting as much attention as he does. If Leo can get famous by biting reeds, anyone should be able to.