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Problems with mobile app - search and battery usage

I've recently been having several issues with the mobile app (Android) and was wondering if anyone knows of a solution.

First, the search function no longer works. No matter what I search, with whichever filters, nothing happens and the main page with the highest viewed scores of all time are displayed. I've tried reinstalling the app and clearing data, however they only fix the issue briefly.

Second, the app is draining my battery in the background at a pretty extreme degree. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+, and the app uses ~5% battery per 30 mins in the background, forcing me to force quit every time I exit it.

If anyone has any idea on fixes that would be great, I'm currently pretty much unable to use this app.

Variation classification?

I have two songs that are variations... of Canon in D and Mozart 545.5.  They are obviously not originals, but they are also not Pachebel or Mozart....   So I don't what you label those.
Maybe variations?
But I would certainly err on the side of the original composer (in my example Pachebel and Mozart)
BSG is 100% correct with this.

Sadly, I can't comment on his thread.  

I seem to have lost my Pro status

Although my status in my settings menu says I have an active pro membership, I still see a "start free trial" in the top right, and worse all except my most recent scores are showing as "hidden" in my scores page. Is this because I opted out of the use of my data by third parties? I do pay to use this site so should have a reasonable expectation that it works, and that you won't spam me.

Classification system relies on user knowledge and good will

Go to 'Browse'. There are a large number (today) of excerpts (in some form) by Mozart marked as "Original". While these excerpts are greatly simplified from Mozart's score, marking them "Original" does not seem right.  Mozart isn't under copyright, but his intellectual property will last as long as human civilization.  On the other hand, I have written arrangements of works of great composers by significant additions that really are mine, but credit-sharing requires more subtlety than "check one of original or public domain."

New Public Domain Publishing Guide

Hey Everyone,
As you know, we have recently launched our new process for publishing Public Domain score. Immediately after launching this new process, we turned our attention to how we could continue to improve this feature to better support the members of our community.
Creating a clear and effective way for you to publish Public Domain works is just as important to us as helping other users discover your hard work in making these scores available.

The easiest way to help your scores to be discovered is to create a direct link between your scores and what other members are searching for by ensuring your scores are named correctly.
To improve the discoverability of your scores, we have created this Public Domain Publishing Guide, a simple set of instructions for this essential aspect of the publishing process

Naming the Work

  1. Work should have an original official name (without abbreviations or missing words). 
  2. If a work has more than one name (official and unofficial), you should add 2nd name to the end in brackets. 
  3. If a work has an opus number, it is required to be added to the end of the official name.
  4. Also if work has a catalogue number (such as BVV, KV, R etc), it’s advisable to also add it to the end. 
  5. If key is an official part of work name, you also should add it to the name. For alteration you should use words, not symbols (C sharp major, E flat minor, but not С# or Eb)
  6. If you adding a score related to only a part of work, you shouldn’t add this part as a separated work. You can add part name to the score title

  • Moonlight Sonata
  • Sonata in C Moll
  • Sonata No 14
  • Sonata No 14, op. 27, No.2 First Movement

  • Sonata No 14, op. 27, No.2 (Moonlight Sonata)

Names of People
When adding a new composer, the format should be Last Name, First Name Middle Name
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Beethoven Ludwig Van
Beethoven, Ludwig Van

Traditional or Folk Songs
When adding a traditional or folk song, use the format: Folk song, Country. 
Russian Folk Song
Folk Song, Russia

We are always open to suggestions and need your opinion about this text.

Best daily/weekly scores

Hello everyone,

You could say that I'm a daily Musescore user and I really enjoy all the possibilities.  I am always searching for new scores to play on my instrument. However, I spend a lot of time scrolling trough all the rapidly-uploaded scores which I am not looking for. Maybe there is a possibility to quickly find the daily/weekly most viewed scores? In that way everyone is able to directly see the best new scores other users offer. 

Cannot change 'score type' on existing score anymore

I am attempting to change the score type to Public Domain on one of my existing scores. After selecting Public Domain, selecting the composition related to the score, then hitting 'Save', I am redirected back to my score without any success message. Going back to the edit page afterward shows the edits did not save. Nothing in the developer console indicates any client-side error.

macOS Mojave 10.14.6, Chrome 76 (latest)

Changing a Score to Public Domain Now Seems to Do Completely Nothing on Mobile

I've repeatedly tried to update a fairly faithful arrangement of a Chopin prelude I made ( to a public domain work on my Android smartphone on Chrome today, but every time I change its score type to public domain, add that it's an arrangement of the preexisting public domain work "Preludes, Op.28", and update, no blurb comes up afterwards on the score saying that its public domain status is under review, and whenever I try to update it again, the score reverts to having a score type of non-public domain.


Please post which song you like best in this discussion and on the due date of the challenge I will see which song has the most votes (ties are aloud, there will be no tiebreakers). You can only give 1 vote and It can't be your song (If you have one for the challenge).

[New Feature] The new form makes it possible to upload Public domain works.

As many of you know, we’ve been recently forced to revise our policy and restrict printing and downloading for basic accounts. Today we’d like to present a new update aimed at making it possible to download Public Domain scores.

What’s Public Domain?
Public Domain is the status of the work whose copyrights have expired and which is now available for download royalty free.
In the basic sense, all works published before 1923 are in the Public Domain, but in fact the status of particular works vary according to the country. Here is the link to the wiki page to learn more about Public Domain.
Music has existed for thousands of years and humanity has created tens of thousands of masterpieces We, like many of our users, would like these works to be distributed as freely as possible.

New Uploading form
We’ve changed the uploading and editing form of scores. Apart from standard fields to fill out, there’s now a new section called “Type of Composition”. In this section, users can mention what work exactly their scores are related to. The options are public domain, original composition or non-public domain.

In case you choose Public Domain, you’ll need to enter the name of the work your score is related to. After it’s been automatically checked, your scores will be available for unrestricted download.

Removing limits to download Public Domain scores
In the nearest future downloading and printing of Public Domain scores won’t be affected by the limits set for basic accounts. We believe it’s not right that users who create quality content have to pay to upload it. This is the first step towards resolving the issue.

Our further plans
- One of our next top priorities is to let original composers manage the downloading feature.
- We will mark up the existing sheet music library according to the Public Domain / Non Public Domain scores. We might need our Community help in this matter.

To sum up
This is a completely new functionality for Musescore, as we’re applying the system to check PD/nonPD compositions for the first time. We can’t exclude the possibility of you finding bugs in the way new algorithms work. Please, don’t hesitate to let us know about any possible issues.
Last but not least, I’d like to point out how grateful we are to our Community for all the support and understanding in this situation. We believe that actions speak louder than words and we’ll prove how important it is to us. We’ll continue to work on spreading and sharing music, and of course, taking good care of composers’, arrangers’ and copyright holders’ rights.

Musescore refund

I enjoy using Musescore and recently needed to use the pro feature to print out some sheet music for myself so I signed up for the free trial. By accident I thought I had the trial for a day extra than I actually had therefore, I did not cancel in time. This then lead to Musescore signing me up for the yearly pro plan, taking $49 out of my account. I contacted Musescore immediately explaining my misunderstanding and requesting a refund. However, even though I emailed them merely minutes after them charging me, they told me that I am not legible for a full refund even though I have seen other people on this website receive refunds. I haven't even used my pro account for anything apart from this post. I think it is unfair for them to not allow a refund considering other's have been legible. Other companies like amazon which automatically sign you up for their 'premium' features allow full refunds, why is Musescore any different? I am a student so $49 is a lot of money to lose by mistake. Can anyone help?