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Soul and Mind - Theme from Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy

Hi, all!

I noticed that there didn't seem to be any reliable source for this piece behind the narration in "Getting Over It". So, I transcribed Bennett Foddy's solo over jazz standard Heart and Soul for solo piano and acoustic bass. Have fun reading through it, and try not to get too angry if bad memories resurface... ;)

All the best,
Cilantro Leaver

Role Models In Your Life

Hi, everyone :)  NO SPAM PLEASE I just joined group anyway...

I am doing this out of gratitude for Counselor Will. He was someone that impacted my life in a positive way. You guys can talk about someone who you look up to, someone who you met in person and if you want to express gratitude towards them you can; (you DON'T need to give actual names, or get too personal if you don't want to).

You're Welcome.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is sick of robeyu's random posts about dresses, and contributing nothing in musicality. So, I copied a piece of text from their post into Google Translate, and found that it was French. I translated a message back, and sent it to them. Hopefully this disappears now. This is what I said:

"This is a music notation site, not a  advertising page. I do not care about your fashion. Come back when you care about music."

I hope it works. Admins, please do something about this.

[New Feature] Original Songs are available for download to all users

Hello, Musescore!

We continue to introduce the series of updates that we started in July. A few weeks ago, we had to make some adjustments in the scores download system and make it a paid functionality. 

As a result, we implemented several updates that improve the user experience for the Musescore community:

  • We opened an option to download Public Domain scores for free. This update was one of the essential steps we had to take in order to improve the Catalog. It helped us to identify the correct titles and composer names to most of the scores on the platform.
  • We allowed our authors to set limits for downloading of their files.
  • We introduced new privacy settings for the scores. You can learn more about it here.
  • Public Domain scores are no longer under a download limit. From now on, all users will be able to download as many scores as they want.

And we are not planning to stop there. Today we have implemented the next necessary step, which will eliminate the negative impact that some changes had on independent authors scores. Up until this day, Original Songwriters content has been available for download only for Pro users.

We understand that the situation where you have to pay to access user-generated content is not fair. However, we had to move forward gradually, one step at a time, and first use Public Domain songs to test the download mechanics. As a result, we are ready to take the next step:

Starting today, Original Songs are available for download to all users without restrictions.

From now on the download mechanics for Original Songs work just like the one for Public Domain scores. I hope this is one of the last essential checkpoints that will bring Musescore closer to its original goal - to be the largest, progressive, affordable, and community-friendly platform for publishing, sharing and distributing digital music.