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Group Activity Cluttered With Scores Posted to Multiple Groups

When I go to Group Activity I can see same scores over and over if they were added to multiple groups. Adding a score to multiple groups does make a sense but it would be nice to see a score only once regardless to how many groups it has been added to.

(Technically speaking, depending on the implementation it could just be a matter of adding a "distinct" clause to the SQL statement fetching the results - assuming it does not significantly hurt the performance.)

Windows 10 bug

I have a laptop with windows 10 and I use firefox. when I wanted to reply to a comment the button to send or reply did not appear. I had to use my desk top to reply. #2 Also on Windows 10 the drop down menu when clicking on my screen name did not drop down. So I had no way to do almost anything with the site on my laptop.

Another Problem

Since the update of the website, my profile picture on the option to reply to a comment has been changing to other pictures. At first it was just random people, but it has started to change to the profile picture of other users on here. However, when talking about this problem with others, they say that it is still the same as before, even when the profile picture is still changed. Is this a problem others have been experiencing, or is it just me?