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Missing Features

In getting familiar with MuseScore I found myself trying to do a few things that I thought *should* be possible but I couldn't figure out how to do them. After writing to customer support, I was told I should submit them to this forum so, I'm assuming, they don't exist. I think they should!

(1) Once I find the magnification that I like I want to be able to save it!
(2) It seems that on import I can favorite a file but later, after I've saved it to the Songbook, I lose that ability!
(3) I have trouble resetting the loop function after I've set a loop. It feels like I have to wrestle with it to get it to do what I want and that most of the time it doesn't cooperate.

These all seem pretty straightforward to me. Obviously, #3 is not a missing feature but I feel that the GUI could be improved a lot in that instance!

Muse Score Crashes with going to Advanced Workspace

I am on version of Muse Score and want to add piano fingering to my score. When I try to change View/Workspace from Basic to Advanced, it just crashes! Tried a few times and get the same results. Anyone else have this problem? I have tried with different scores, or no score selected and get the same problem.

When I select sending the Crash Dump I also get an error, so just have to cancel out.

Any ideas on things to try would be great.

Percussion rewrite on my piece.

I was wondering if there are any experienced percussionist who could rewrite drumline and frontline in my dci composition. You can find the piece on my profile to see if it is somerhing that you would like to work on. Feel free to add or take away as many percussion parts as youd like. Please use the MDL snare, tenor, and bass. Message me and ill send you the file and we can work together!

Group notifications

Now, I know I already get notifications when somebody comments on one of my discussions. But I think that having group notifications might make things better, but on 1 condition. Making it an option instead of ingrained into Musescore. Now, I'm not talking about the notifications group owners get when someone joins their group. No, I'm talking about something more along the lines of "a discussion has been added to the group." type of notifications.

Just to show you why I'm for it being an option instead of ingrained, here is what would happen if it was ingrained:

Next morning if ingrained:

10+ notifications

And most of them would be from the Musescore Composers group that I am a member of.

And here is what would happen if it was an option and I could set which groups I get notifications of:

Turn group notifications off for Musescore Composers(or any other groups that get a ton of discussions where I can't possibly reply to them all)
Turn group notifications on for Jay and John's Challenges(or any other groups with a low discussion rate where I could easily reply to all the new discussions)

3 notifications

As you can see, I would get way fewer notifications if I could set which groups I get the "a discussion has been added to the group" notifications for than if it got ingrained into the musescore site. And I would be able to know if a discussion has been added to a certain group without having to go to the group page to find out.

What do you think of adding these group notifications? Do you think it is a good idea? I mean, I'm not a member of like 30+ groups like some users but I am a member of about 20 groups, a lot of which have a relatively low discussion rate either because of time or number of members or simply being less active than it used to be. A few of these groups I brought a revival to by posting discussions there, despite me not being an admin of any groups.