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PD flag not appearing for works which are part of a collection (e.g. Song Cycle)

In the OpenScore Lieder Corpus, it is very common for individual scores (songs) to be part of a song cycle (a single collection listed on as Public Domain, containing several different songs).  For example: 
Franz, Robert - 6 Gesänge, Op.6
Holmès, Augusta - 20 Mélodies
Holmès, Augusta - Les Heures

Previously such songs could have a PD flag attached, just by specifying the overall  work (song cycle) as listed on  But recently such songs apparently accept the named song cycle, acknowledged by as an "Arrangement of a work in the Public Domain" - but the PD flag never appears after the Save action.

I suspect that this happens because the song's title does not exactly match the title of the Song Cycle, and an automated check then removes the carefully-saved PD flag.  
Song Cycle: Franz, Robert - 6 Gesänge, Op.6
Song Title:  Franz, Robert - 6 Gesänge, Op.6, No.6 - Tränen

If you look at these three examples of Song Cycles (Sets on, you will see one or more songs in each Set without a PD flag.  And these songs have been updated more than once to add their PD flag - but the flag never appears...