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Not sure where to post this, but tnew policy is terrible. Why pay for something that isn't even the original?

in Piano

Most of the midi files uploaded here are made by other people and not the artists. In many, if not all songs, there are variations, mistakes and whatnot.

So why would I want to pay for something that isn't original? Bring me the original file exactly like it sounds like and I will be more than happy to throw my money at you. 

Till then, bye.

Would love to hear back your comments on my first "Exact" piece.

Here's a piece  I composed and played called "The Drifting Waltz". I have been composing themes and improvising on the piano for many years, but this is my first "Exact" composition that I have also notated down.  My main influences in this piece are Ravel, Debussy , and to an extent, Prokofiev and even a bit of Gershwin.    Let me know what you think !
Video of me playing it with the score:

Musescore link: