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How do I make the "bass line" in this transcription easier to read?

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The transcription in question is here:

It is a transcription (well, a reduction, really) of one of my favourite tunes from a video game, Chrono Trigger. The original can be listened to, among others, here:

I know that I have the bass line right, except for the glissandos which can just not be reproduced on piano. And that includes staccatos and timings.

The problem is that in a few places, for instance, I have a dot below the note indicating a staccato and a dot next to the note telling that the note should be extended by half the duration...

Since I have no formal musical training, I have done what I could here, but I would like to hear from you all "in the know" as to how the bass line should really be written here. Since I know the piece by heart, my opinion is worthless...

Audio Source Workng?

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Hi everyone, I have a quick favor to ask. Can anyone check if my audio sources are working for you? I noticed that when I use my audio sources on Google Chrome, it does not work. If I use my audio sources on any other search engine than it does work. I just want to confirm if it is just my computer acting weird or not. The following score uses an audio source. Make you use the one on the very bottom of the drop menu. Thanks!

variations just for fun

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 This is a short 3 variations based on a folk theme arranged by @marcus1000. This is a thing I did for fun, so it was completed in just around 3 hours, so, I don't expect it to be super good or anything as I didn't even review it more than twice. lol Anyways, the challenge is to compose variation(s) to the given theme, which is based on 'She Wore A Yellow Ribbon', a traditional military song.
Intro: manipulation of first melody and featuring fanfare like pomp cause why not?
Var 1: 6 against 4 polyrhythm whilst hiding melody in left hand.
Var 2: Classical scale like thing, I didn't really change much here.
Var 3: Romantic nocturne-like piece with the same melody but transposed and decorated.
Coda: Return back to quote the intro and theme, then, build awesome tension with rachmaninoff-sized chords and finish strong.

Little Piano Composition

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Hey guys, this is a little piano composition I did called Mist. It's meant to have a sort of floating, mystical feel to it, so hopefully I managed to get that in there! I wasn't sure how to indicate that the left hand should reach over the top of the right hand to play the dotted quavers in the treble clef... Help and any feedback would be much appreciated! Hope you guys are having an awesome day and that this piece puts a smile on your face ;)