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Testing out a new soundfont and I came across this weird audio glitch

in Piano

While using a new high-quality soundfound, the audio will start to stutter and break down completely after a few measures. 
In the Musescore program, it happens after a few continued measures, so I thought it could be a rendering problem, but the issue persisted on the website upload, which means that the audio is perhaps rendered in real-time.

The font I was testing is the Salamander Grand Piano v3, and it's the only one I've had this problem with.

Has anyone encountered this before and how can I fix this?
I've tried enabling/disabling the audio normalizing function, changed bitrate and sample rate, changed soundfound folder and drive, disabled effects, but nothing seems to work.

Thank you in advance.

Intermediate Leveled Sheet Music of "Lost Boy"

in Piano

So there's this song Lost Boy by Ruth B and I've been trying to find versions on musescore and online too that are free but I can't seem to find one that's challenging for me. I really want to learn this song but I want it to be on my level so do you guys know any versions of lost boy where there's more than just whole notes being played over and over on the left hand? So in other words, a version where it's not so easily played?

Upcoming contest: 15th January Musical Cryptogram

My friends sometimes ask me to translate his or her name into a musical composition. I must confess that I love these activities as it forces you to make a melodic line out of it. So my challenge is:

Make a piece of music out of a name (can be anyone's)
Pieces should be longer than one minute and less than 3 minutes.
If those who are confused in how to use cryptograms then here is one way you could do this (French method):

I would judge your pieces based on originality, how beautiful it is and bonus if difficult names are used. 
Please in your titles that you need to state the name of the person
The winner will have their piece upvoted and will be followed by me.

Is it just me or does MuseScore not play staccatos correctly?

Witness this score, measure 18, the two flutes involved:

My first writing of this part from the original (for example from here: had me write the extract "logically": 8th, 8th, 4th, 4th pause, 8th, 8th, 4th, 4th pause etc.

But when I try and do this, notes "leak" further than I want them to, and as a result, I had to use 16ths all around.

Am I just doing it wrong (ie, this is not what I should be using) or is this a bug in MuseScore?