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What to play

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Hi I'm a very beginner piano player. All the pieces I've played so far are just that-beginner. They sound horrible. Are there any recommendations you have for easy, beginner piano pieces that sound good? I've been playing for about two months.

Original contemporary and religious songs and also piano hymn arrangements.

in Piano

Hi, I'm Doreen -
Professional background: not new to musescore - use it to demonstrate music fundamentals class at community college where I teach currently. Have taught about 11 years. 
Hobby: Play for 2 churches in town, been playing some of my own hymn arrangements and some of my mothers.  I have been playing piano since about age 7.  I remember mom gave me two choices then,  
"I will buy a really, REALLY expensive harp or you can learn to play the piano since we already have one but if I buy a harp you WILL PRACTICE!" I went with piano, gee less pressure...?  
Published: Skyland The Mars Colony, a fiction novel based on a twenty year attempt to start a human colony the right way, recycling, all cultures welcome. I would love to have music published as well. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Hope you enjoy my offerings.  I'm already enjoying listening to yours...