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Why say vocal/piano if you don't have lyrics

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I was browsing for the first time today (rather than finding a specific sheet from a Google search of the title), and I saw a bunch of scores labelled piano/vocal. Most of 'em  had the vocal line but no lyrics.  Vocal lines are done with lyrics &  It is very easy to put lyrics in MuseScore, and lyrics for damn near anything are available on line. You would probably get a lot more takers if you had lyrics.  I would have to tweak those and put the lyrics in myself if I was going to actually USE them for VOCAL/piano, so why not finish the job yourself.      Just sayin'  ...    If this doesn't apply to you then it's not for you.  :)    

This is the time to meet us, so Introduce by yourself!

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Where are you from?

how old are you?

how long have you been playing piano?

It's a hobby or you are professional?

These are good questions to meet us because musescore could be a great place to meet new friends and shere our experiences! I hope you can follow me with this idea! so, I'll be the first:

I'm Luis Fernando, from Mexico and I played piano when I was a kid, now I'm playing it again. It's only a hobby for me and my favorite composer is Joe Hisaishi (I like anime, so anime's themes too). and how about you?

What to play

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Hi I'm a very beginner piano player. All the pieces I've played so far are just that-beginner. They sound horrible. Are there any recommendations you have for easy, beginner piano pieces that sound good? I've been playing for about two months.