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Problem with commenting on people's discussions

Every person who sees this, you know how under a person's post to a discussion there is this box that says "Write something", am I right?

Well, I have tried to respond to a person's post on the discussion I have posted in right now, and the "Write something" bar looks like it is working properly at first, but when I type more than one line of words the box seems to follow my text, the box looks like it could only fit ONE line of words, not the current number of lines of words, and worse is, I cannot see the text that I typed from the first line onwards (excluding the last line) unless I use the Backspace button, or use (Ctrl+A and Backspace) to clear the text.

Secondly, when I was typing, I saw that the "Comment" button doesn't seem to appear. Clicking anywhere around the box wouldn't solve the problem, or even post the comment. Also, reloading the page (directly and indirectly) or going back to the same discussion page doesn't seem to resolve the commenting issue. Is it only me or are there other users that have this problem of commenting that they can't share their views? (This is not a link)

Anyone who sees this can take this into further investigation. Thank you!

There should be better options for non-pro members

I recently decided to cancel pro due to personal reasons and when I did it messed up...

It states 

What happens with my scores, when I cancel my Pro membership?
If  your Pro membership expires or you decide to cancel, don't panic! None  of your online scores will be deleted. Only the most recent five scores  will remain accessible to you as well as other members depending on your  score privacy settings. If you upgrade again, all of your online scores  will become available to you again." 

Well not even that happened with me. You all chose random scores of mine and hid the rest...

I think that there should be a thing where non pro people should be able to upload as many scores as they want but only have 5 scores THEY choose to be visible, visible. It can not be that hard... because what if they change their minds. or choose to get pro later... oh wait they have to delete the scores they got all the favs and comments on... Because of this flawed model.

And I think that would be a better business model than what was displayed here to me. Because basically what this has taught me is that IF I don't pay for pro... I'm going to have to create a second account. And that is quite Frankly as close to a scam to get people to pay for something as I have ever heard or seen... 

I tried also emailing you all about this 5 days ago... And no reply was made. This is not the first time that this email ignoring has occurred either... Which is highly unprofessional. 

This site is a site I used to love to a high degree and all... But after all of this I'm not for sure I should stick around here or not. I get that feeling when I see I can not upload without deleting several scores. And when I don't get the options of which 5 I even have visible. It's quite agitating!!! 

Please improve this part of your site soon!!! 

"No Audio" during score-page playback; brief snatches of sound from Advertisement video (?) ...

Since yesterday, on some new uploads (such as this one: ) the pink highlighting steps through the score image correctly - but there is no accompanying audio playback. I no longer see any option to 'select audio source' for playback; and I have been hearing brief snatches from what 'appears' to be audio belonging to video advertisements (but no other webpages were open at the time). Clearing Firefox Cache and History makes no difference; and older score-pages are still working fine! 
Please can someone explain or investigate ?  Thank You !

Just a suggestion...

So, I love the notifications thing with the little bell and all, but I noticed that it's now telling me when someone comments on a score that I've favorited. And that kinda spams my notifications thing, and It's kinda hard to score through all this stuff just to find someone that actually commented on my score, or seeing someone sending a request to join my group. 

Anyone else kinda have the same issue?

"Problem with card on file"

Dear people/moderators
who would take the heart to look at this message, please take this into consideration.

About a year ago, I found MuseScore as a software that was just about the expectation I had. I also found
MuseScore Pro to be better than the basic, and I don't know how I got in, the only thing I remember is that I did NOT use anything to pay for the membership. But now, after a year, I was texted just to see an image which says "$49 payment to MuseScore was unsuccessful",
"We were unable to charge your MasterCard ending in 1373 for your MuseScore subscription. Please update your billing information." And now, on the mobile platform, there is this red notification which says, "There's a problem with your card on file! Please update your billing!" When I clicked "Update", it redirects me to a page asking me for the card number. I don't even know what is a MasterCard with a 1373 ending.
The point is I did not use a card to pay, and now the website is telling me to use a card to update the billing information? What is this?

Users having problem updating pay information

In the last week a couple of users have had issues with a popup preventing them from updating billing information. These users are and . They are unable to post to this location due to the popups as well. This was reported at . If you would post there when this is resolved I and the other users would appreciate it.

Scheduled Score Posting!!

Hiya! This is just a random idea I had in passing. (And if someone has already suggested this before, then I apologize for reiterating.)

So YouTube and some other sites now have an option for you to schedule when videos/posts/etc are published; that is, you could upload something today (Tuesday, December 4) at nine PM, BUT set it to officially be published and notify everybody, say, in three days' time (on Friday, December 7) at noon.

It's a pretty cool feature, especially if you have an update schedule you want to keep up with, but you know that you won't have access to wifi or a computer to upload something on that particular date. It makes it super easy to do stuff in advance and keep up with schedules, and it's something that I quite enjoy.

I know that this is by no means a necessary addition to MuseScore, but I think that enabling us to schedule when our uploaded sheet music is posted would be a cool feature if it were added!

And since we're on the topic of YouTube and their features, I also think that it might be cool if we had the option to make scores unlisted, similar to how YouTube allows unlisted videos. For those of you who don't know what that means - it means that an upload wouldn't show up when searched for, and that it could only be accessed when you are given a link to it.

This would greatly help collaborations by allowing collaborators to share the links to the sheet music they're working on, but nobody else would see it until they finish and are ready to make it public. It would also be good for people who are using MuseScore as a way to share school projects and sheet music with people they know, but who are hesitant to officially share their scores with the general public.

Anyways, that's it! It would be really cool if we could gain the ability to schedule the publishing of scores and the ability to make scores "unlisted", but I understand if that is not possible. I just thought that it would be a pretty neat idea. :)

Have a good day! :D

Replace File feature not working || Audio source playback crashes page

So I just started on SMP so I could sell my music, and am updating some score to only include the first page or so of my music (since musescore lets you download stuff for free). The problem is, that it won't let me update the file. It seems like everything works, but after I save the update it just stays the same.

Also, I recently did a transcription of the "Concerto in C major" by Kabalevsky and used a youtube audio source. I tried to add measure markers in, but the piece has so many, and it is so fast, that by the last page it can't keep up anymore, and the page crashes. (I'd also like to mention that the last page isn't displayed fully either, you only see the leftmost part of it which makes it hard to tell if you're adding measures correctly). 

Thanks for fixing this soon!


Hola a todos,ayer decidí suscribirme a la aplicación con un mes de prueba y hoy ya no quier saber nada de ella,cuesta una eternidad conectarse,se cierra muchas veces cuando vas a ver una partitura y vuelta a la eternidad para conectarse,no hay orden en las partituras ,no están clasificadas no por dificultad,género autor ni nada y solo está en inglés además las partituras se repiten una y otra vez por autores diferentes sin poder saber cual es la buena,un desastre y una gran decepción,saludos y si la mejoran me avisan y la probaré,gracias.

I Need Opinions on my Christmas Piece

While I don't have a score up yet, I do have the YouTube link. The story behind this fun little piece is when I listened to Eliot Butler's new old piece Christmas Memories I heard that first measure and instantly thought of my own piece from it. Thank you once again for the inspiration mate. Anyway, that out of the way I'd like to present my latest piece. It took a few hours of work, but I'm open to any suggestions you may have. Thanks!

Piano Keyboard

I like this feature but there are a couple problems:
1. The bass clef gets behind where it should be, it starts late
2. When the same notes are played fast it looks like it's just holding it
3. There should be two separate colors for each hand
4. I think this should be accessible to all users and not just pro so new pianists whose ability to sightread hasn't developed yet can figure out the notes faster and help them learn which notes are which